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Young Talia smiled at her big brother and demanded to show her more magic tricks.It was a bright sunny summer day after the chilling winter in the old town of Anatolia and the two young ones went to enjoy it in the meadows near the hills.
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Talia was pretty little child with brown hairs and sparkling hazel eyes with a fair skin tone she was much prettier than her big brother who was a bit paler than Talia.His name was Talon.
He was a wizard well it was not obvious because wizardry was common in the town. Talon was a good wizard with a soft heart for everyone. Talia was a fan of her brother because she has the only friend in him. well life was perfect until the day of chaos which strike the town of Anatolia in the shape of an evil witch
she used her power to enslave everyone in Anatolia also she had two of the trolls who kidnapped people but personally i think the trolls were a bit funny with a stinking smell, well the trolls acted funny sometimes but the horrified part of story was a shape shifter the witch had enslaved year ago and to do her bidding she had used him.. One thing was clear that Anatolia was not the same after that it was quiet, and the meadows hills and all the places which was once cheerful turned dull and grey as everybody was afraid of the witch's power. but as you know that Anatolia was a town of wizard every wizard in that peculiar town tried their best to get rid of the evil but was turned to animals by the witch. so gradually one after the other all wizards became animals except talon. one day when Talia was picking up the berries in her garden at the back of her small cottage, she smelled something awkward in the air . she was quite curious for her home was as clean as ever and the flowers in the garden make the air fresh a lot. So she went in the direction of the smell when at once she was caught up in the air from her legs. well one of the troll had done so for he was passing by and spotted the little girl there she shouted for help but no one was near so she dropped her handkerchief after rubbing it with the troll. when talon came home he called for Talia but no one answered so he went out looking for her. He found her handkerchief a mile away from home which smelled very bad. he became very worried and sat there tears sprang from his eyes because Talia was his only family .mean while the troll toke Talia up to the witch she was pleased to have her because she used to extract the age from little girls so she was very happy . on the other hand talon packed his things up to fight with the witch . he picked his sword and went along first on the way he met the trolls. they tried to catch talon but he managed to escape from them by telling them silly riddles to solve .i told you trolls are somehow funny . when the witch saw that talon is coming she sent the shape shifter after him . The shape shifter first turned into a lion to fight talon fought bravely . And when it was time to for talon to over come the beast , it changed into a fire breathing dragon. it was hard but talon used some of his magic to deal with him and when it was being getting caught it turned into a serpent. It slithered around talon and used his every bit of power to capture him but talon was smart enough to overcome him. then the beast turned to a huge bird who float the sky and screeched aloud. talon hid behind a rock and take out his bow. he put an arrow and aimed for the bird saying the magic spell to get the right aim and shot.. the bird disappeared in dust and smoke and the shape shifter was no more. now it was the witches turn Talon ran towards the witch and raised his sword but before that the witch had attacked luckily it didn't hit him. now talon was carefully moving .the witch attacked again on talon but this time he put his sword in front of him. he closed his eyes but after that he heard a terrible shriek he quickly opened his eyes and saw that the witch had turned to a frog..the spell had reflected from the sword it backfired on the witch it self. talon and Talia hugged each other and Talia was even more a fan of her brother as her brother was a hero indeed

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