The NEOX, Neoxian Gold, token is completely moved to Hive Engine

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The NEOX token, (Neoxian Gold) has been airdropped to Hive Engine. As of this moment, you MUST use Hive Engine to access your NEOX, Neoxian Gold tokens. The NEOX on Steem-Engine are now considered NULL and VOID. If you have a market order on Steem Engine you are urged to pull that order.

So the NEOX token is 100% on Hive now, and it has nothing to do with Steem anymore.

Please note that this announcement does not include NEOXAG, Neoxian Silver. The Neoxag is more complex, and I'll need to enlist Eonwarp's help for that one. But it will be my next project, and hopefully it will happen within two weeks or so.

Neox token is fairly simple, and I just did the airdrop myself using Harapagon's scripts.


How can we pull market order, I didn't find Neoxian gold on Steem Engine wallet. Yesterday, I placed order to buy.

It looks like the NEOX was removed from Steem Engine. Your order will expire a month after placing it.

Thanks for your response,
My buy order was filled, I just checked in "Steem Engine Block Explorer"


But I got nothing, I checked in Hive-engine I don't have that Neoxian gold.

I contacted Zaku and he said he would refund you.

Thank you very much.

Hmm.. should we be stacking or unstaking NEOXAG in steem-engine in preparation for anything?

If you are ok with neoxag moving to hive and wish to stick with neoxag, then there is no need to do anything.

Hello @neoxian. I've a question. I have supported a long time, first actively then with delegation. Now the discord server is gone, contests are still published on Steem. I don't know if there is any future planed. Now I've seen you have downvoted the last post on Steem heavily, so maybe you have some information what's going on there. If so, I would be happy to let me know... Thank's @retinox

He felt it was wise to initiate a flag war with me, so I have responded in kind. I don't go looking for trouble, but I don't take crap from anyone either. If he wants to settle down, then I will too.

OK, more a personal issue... Thank you. Hope it can be settled down anyway.

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My Neoxian Token has not yet appeared on Hive-Engine, I don't think it can be used on Hive-Engine yet.

Are you talking about Neox? or Neoxag?

Please note that this announcement doesn't not include NEOXAG, Neoxian Silver.
I clearly stated in the post above that the NEOXAG has not moved to Hive-Engine yet.

Neoxag,Neoxian Silver any plans to move to HIVE?

Do you just not know how to read?

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