My token "Neox" no longer supporting Steem, now supporting Hive

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Hey guys,

Remember my token "NEOX" Neoxian Gold. (Most people probably don't). It was redeemable for my steem vote. 1 Neox = 100% vote from me.

NEOX no longer redeemable for Steem, but now Hive

Well I've changed that now. The NEOX token is no longer redeemable for my Steem vote, but rather my Hive vote.

1 NEOX = 100% Hive vote

Here is the new updated token contract:

I could have supported both chains, but fuck it. Fuck Justin Sun.

This post will be posted on both chains, and will be censored on Steem within 24 hours, just proving how I'm not welcome in Steem anymore.

Congrats Justin, you did it. I'm powering down.

For the first time in almost four years of Steem, I'm powering my Steem down. I've lost confidence in Steem Inc, and the complete idiots and imbeciles that now populate the current Steem top 20 (half of which are just sock puppets anyway). To be honest, I don't feel safe with my stake. Clearly nothing is off the table for them, and they may freeze more large investor stake just out of childish petulance.

The Neox is still in Steem-Engine, for now

Just a note that the Neox is still existing in the Steem Engine for the moment, until I can transfer it to the new and upcoming Hive Engine, when it's ready. I have purchased the token names, so the ball has started rolling.

I will airdrop the Neox into the Hive Engine, and then the Steem-engine version will be considered null and void.

Later I'll move the Neoxag as well.


Amazingly this post wasn't censored.

Awesome update!

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only justin can make successful things worse such a worse time

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