Dear readers, I am bigger than Ned.steemCreated with Sketch.

in neoxian •  8 months ago 

Dear readers I am now bigger than Ned. I am currently wielding about 284k sp, and he only has 147k sp.

@ned why are you powering down like a Chump? To sell, to hide it, to sneak around. Whatever it is, it can't be good.

Be proud of your steem, stand behind this system. I do. What sort of message does this send?

Hope this post shames you into powering back up again.

To sum up. Neoxian > Ned

How do I look guys?

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I am 3 x Times > than Ned now.

where his current weight is 7K+
Ha Ha
Ned Can't Stand for himself , changing Accounts

Wow thats great...

CEO power down and you still collect to see a great future! Yeah it's a shame to @ned! Hope he will get this message and rethink to power up and will do his best to bring SMT alive!


who is this ned fella you speak of??


good shit

He still owns around 60 mil SP @neoxian
But I agree. Powering down his personal account isn't good at all...

I am only a Plankton III. But that does not make Ned a good role model.

Nice hairs :)

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This is hilarious, many of us feel he has a few accounts and will never leave. Not completely. Anyone who loses hope now if they were here since day 1 .. I say bye bye and free up some sp for the rest of us. You’re looking great Neo. Don’t be surprised to find ned and dan still lurking and even steem does hit it many come flooding back. Look at the recent sign ups.

Steem on,
Eagle spirit

I'm surprised, he hasn't claimed any rewards for a very long time. So, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and increase his SP to 152k.


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I am not entirely sure
Maybe I prefer the face to the hair hahaha

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You've got a nice new haircut!!! ;D

But for real - any gloating about your success aside, there is a really important point here. Ned is just sitting on a bunch of Steem, as if he is going to sell it as soon as the value goes up for a bit rather than staying seriously makes me paranoid that as soon as things start going well again he's going to jump ship and let it all burn.

Yes, I've seen. Color me unimpressed.

I concur. I knew something was going on, and I'm pretty sure this is just one of several things we will learn about in the coming months.

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Yeah @neoxian I think he should powerup rather than power down but maybe he just wanted to shave his personal account so that it won't get much attention but anything he does really gets sensationalized.
Powerup, down, show or no show, be nice or be a dick he always gets bad comments.
I guess we cannot really please everyone.


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You are the new CEO of steemit hahah :D

Hahahahaha best post I have seen this year. And I noticed @neoxian doesn't upvote his own article. Only a boss and a true leader can do that. @neoxian > @ned anyday!!!

He should be loading up on Steem and that’s a tremendous looking Steem wallet mr. @neoxian.

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I have been thinking he is working on getting out of here for a while. I was certain of it once he no-showed on the livestream. Maybe we will be better off without him??

It's nice that people like you remain on the platform !!!

You look great friend, Regards neoxian I know you're perfectly fine so I send you greetings

Cool Hair Cut by the way ; )

it seems like Steemit and Steemit drama will end

Just dropped by to say that you have nice hair and I like it :)

I guess he just splitted his SP between his alt accounts, which are not so widely known among the public, so that his too large stake would not cause unnecessary questions.
But there is no limit to human curiosity, when it comes to the personality of Ned. And if earlier these were questions about ninja-mining and Steem Power that is not involved in the Steem economy, now their question is "why is Ned getting rid of his assets?":)))

err.. congratulations.
nice hair. :-)

Shame @ned
Shame @ned
Shame @ned
Shame on you, but thank you for being obvious
The blockchain is the same stinking ShTstem, there is no distinction

Being a ceo he should motivate other to powerup ...i was about to invest on steem made me think why ceo of steem is powering down and its doubtful. I m new ro crypto and still need to figure out how it works. You made think again to power up. Best of luck.

Haha, unbelievable you better than Ned now. Nice hair cut by the way. 😆

He's gotta pay for those guitar lessons somehow. LOL

Neoxian's Hair bank of Steem?

you are Bigger Than @ned and More Kind and Generous too...................@neoxian

@ned just sold off liquid steem worth $423,778.738 approximately 154,365,000 million. A leader indeed 🚶🚶🚶

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Now it looks like he is intent on blowing out StInc's stake as well...

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold