Results of Neoxian City The Build Battle!

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Thanks for all of those that participated in our mintest BuildBattle, and for those that inquired but had missed the deadline

The battle was sponsored by myself (@raymondspeaks) and @agr8buzz.

There were only two entrants, so we have decided to split 3rd place between 1st place and 2nd place. That means 1st place will now win 1250 Neoxag & 1250 Battle [staked], and second place will win 1050 Neoxag and 1050 Battle [staked]. Not bad for you guys! Prizes will be winging their way over to you after this post.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

1st Place

1st Place goes to @immanuel94 for his awesome and very detailed build here:


Well done @immanuel94, you win 1250 Neoxag & Battle [staked]

Next up we have our second place winner @literalypotato for his quiet and off the beaten path build here:

2nd Place


Well done @literalypotato you've just secured yourself 1050 Neoxag & Battle [staked]

Thank you for your hard work

Thanks to everyone that made this contest a possibility, and we hope to be running a lot more of these in the future. But for now you should come in and have some fun with us in Neocian City whilst we build; whether it's having fun in minetest, taking part in giveaways, or just chatting with some friends.

You can join us here.


@immanuel94 and @literalypotato Thank you guys for participating in the first Neoxian Minetest Build challenge, you guys showed your skill!

Damn @immanuel94 you're such a pro! This was your challenge to win all along..

Congrats guys, BATTLE has been staked to your account 💪

Thank you for sponsoring the contest, @raymondspeaks and @agr8buzz. It was really fun to build something in Minetest. I will join again from time to time if there is some time.

There are some really big differences between Minetest and Minecraft and it feels weird to switch but I think it is worth it. I'm currently trying to get transactions broadcasted from Minetest to Steem, but it I think I have to look into how that could work just with lua mods... 😰 With Minetest, there are no restrictions for NTFs and stuff like in Minecraft. 👍

Anyways, thank you for making the contest, have a great weekend. =)

Thanks for the fun event :D

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