Neoxian City Build Battle

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Hey all. I hope you're well.

As some of you are aware we have a minetest server in Neoxian City. Minetest is like Minecraft where you can build and create your own little world, but it's open source so we have a bit more flexibility with it.

Today we'd like to announce a competition for anyone that would like to join us in building their own part of our city in glorious 3d representation.

Our competition is a building battle. For those that don't know what this is, then this type of battle is where users will compete to build the best house. Just to clue you in, we're not worried about the size, only that it looks good. You can have a look around the city to see the other houses there. Some are huge, others are not so big.

Also, we're hoping that you will keep your builds so I've included steps on how to protect them in the video below.

Please enjoy the video I made that explains everything below


Prizes will be as follows:

First Place: 1000 Battle / 1000 Neoxag [staked]

Second Place: 800 Battle / 800 Neoxag [staked]

Third Place: 500 Battle / 500 Neoxag [staked]

Please also give a big thank you to @agr8buzz who is sponsoring this contest.


  • Once you've built your house then you must take a screenshot and write a post about it that must include the tags #battle #steemace and neoxian #neoxian
  • Only one build per person please, we will not count second builds -- although you are free to build more on our server, only that they wont be included in the competition
  • Please name your house like I have shown in the video
  • Contest ends 3/12/2019


The competition will be judged by our city's sharps. They will use one vote each, and the house with the most votes will be the winner.

Getting to us:

To join the server you must have downloaded a copy of minetest which can be found here: the exectuable will be in the "bin" folder of the download

To join our server you need to put in: as the server address and 30000 as the port.

Please keep your username and password safe especially after protecting your builds. Our server stores those, so you are likely to lose your username if you lose them.

That's it for now. Have fun!

You can also join in with the growing of our minetest by joining our city here 


Awesome, Let's Build! Best of luck with your builds everyone!

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Nice contest! =)

I made a little medieval house.^^ Good luck to everyone! :)

Nice collaboration, good luck to those building :)

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