Minetest Tutorial for Neoxian City

in #neoxian4 years ago (edited)

Okay, so some of you know by now that we have a Minetest server in our city which enables all of you to create a digital 3d version of Neoxian City if you so please.

Some of you are new, and are having a hard time getting to grips with the game, so I created this easy to use tutorial to get the basics out of the way:

It's around twenty minutes long and should help you immensely.

Some of the things I cover are:

How to move around
How to access your inventory
How to quick search in your inventory
How to fly
How to build
How to protect your builds

And that's it for now. If you want me to create any advanced techniques or how to's, please drop me a line on this account or come speak to me in discord! Thank you :)


Nice tutorial, @raymondspeaks

Nice tutorial, I had never heard of minetest before but I think I'l check it out. Building a city is a good idea.

Please do - we'd like to see more people in there :)

Great tutorial! 👍

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