My Hips Surgery-Transplant

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Hello my friends,

It's been more than a year that I suffer but I have a little time left in the light of past events. Playing an intensive sport, I woke up one day stuck in my bed; Then I took appointment to the doctor who told me the worries I had and informed about the various possible solutions. Together we agreed that the transplant would be most suitable now and also considering for my young age.

WhatsApp Image 20191208 at 16.04.22.jpeg

When I arrived at the hospital, I was terrified and my last hospital memories were not happy. So it was the disaster. I had to walk down to the operating room and the more I went on the more my anxiety and stress were rising and increasing among all kinds of thoughts. Ohh just horrible!

After the operation, I had a lot of pain in my leg, belly and hip that I could not walk without crutches. What has been positive is that the hospital staff took good care of me. Then I opened myself and I said to my close friends what happened to me and they came visit me. I stayed there for six days.

WhatsApp Image 20191207 at 06.17.49.jpeg

As you can see; The food was great, I took three pictures to share with you:

WhatsApp Image 20191207 at 19.44.14.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20191207 at 06.17.53.jpeg

And third
WhatsApp Image 20191207 at 06.17.43.jpeg

Fortunately, everything went well.

Now it is time to heal and rest. I have a lot of medicine to take and have to relax. I am currently recovering at home and it is for a long time... Between one and three months, so I will take care of myself and take this time to profit for more Knowledge, learning more about crypto and moreover Steemit and everything what is belong to. I will have time, so if you have advice don't hesitate to tell me, I will be happy and thankful.

Have a nice comming week.


Hope you’re getting better soon. At least you’ll have enough time to dedicate to Steemit and you.
My best wishes over there!

Yes, thank you, I will take care of me and I really look forward to learning more about crypto

Hope you feel better soon and at least the food looks great, rest up and i'm sure you'll be back to your best soon enough

Thank you, I hope too

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