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Hello Steem,

Around the world the coronavirus has affected lot of people. I wanted to share with you what's happening in Switzerland.

The information is managed randomly. Switzerland is high in the percentage with the most cases in Europe. Despite this, decisions are made gently. Switzerland did not react! Each cantons make their own decisions and measures.

Is the number of dead the thing that will make us move and take radical measures? How many dead are we waiting for? We had complete freedom to move around while all the neighboring countries were confined and closed their borders.

Do you know that it's the first time that a virus has been so fast demasqued? It's the work of the Chemie Nobel Prize 2017 Jacques Dubochet. This method is called cryo-electron microscopy and is used for the first time for the coronavirus. Jacques Dubochet is a Swiss biochemist and academic, winner of the prize for his work on cryo-electron microscopy. American researchers have managed to identify a key molecule of the virus, using this technique.

Who controls information controls the world. Information that needs to be said and heard is not established. We are living in an economic war. The NaturalNews site published on February 3 that the coronavirus was created in the laboratory by scientists. Here's the source:
Why do we create viruses? For war?

Watch how we live. Every country is arming itself with increasingly monstrous atomic bombs and bacteriological wars. We arm ourselves with the most powerful weapons and technologies to protect us, in prevention of a war and at the expense of ourselves.

Formerly to make war, the soldiers went to the battlefield. But these days, it happens behind computer screens with strategies. Bacteriological warfare is certainly one of the ways to eradicate the most people easily without having to strike physically. The virus is very dangerous because after its manufacture, it is spread in the wild. The damage can be immense.

A Lancet article says:
that the director the WHO declares on January 30 that COVID-19 is a public health emergency of international scope but still to maintain the declaration of resilience of the international health regulations of 2005 which says not to limit travel and trade!

Since then, the whole Europe has been in confinement EXCEPT Switzerland which leaves its borders open, airports and life goes on. Each cantons take their measures which concern them but the federal council has given nothing as strict and direct measures.

To date, Geneva Airport has become the airport of refuge for europeans wanting to return home. Switzerland had so far made no major decisions. Only all the demonstrations are canceled and the number of people was reduced from 500 to 50. You could still go around the streets and the bars and restaurants without worrying and as if nothing had happened.

Friday, the announcement fell; schools will be closed until April 30, 2020. Social life is limited.

During the press conference today, at 5 p.m. the Federal Council announced the state of the extraordinary situation. Beginning with the closing of the establishments, all shops, restaurants and non-food stores will be closed from midnight this evening. Border control from midnight.

Now, the federal government governs individually and collectively. In terms of the supply of protective equipment, the European Union is responsible for this but transit is managed by Switzerland. The Swiss army has provided 8,000 soldiers to reinforce hospital and logistics staff, public security and the body of border guards. It’s unheard of since the Second World War, the mobilization of 1938!

The Swiss economy is currently affected. Indeed 10 billion are available immediately to help the economy. This money came from the unemployment fund. So the people's money is used for that. This will create a problem later I think.

Let us not be sheep but it is essential to follow the recommendations of our respective governments and to respect them. Let us inform ourselves, communicate, recharge our batteries. Remember to take care of yourself and contact your loved ones regularly.

PRAY for a better world if you are believers!

With hope, love and prayer


Everyone is suffering from this virus. Stay safe

Yes is very sad.
Thanks, stay safe too and take care of your family.

Yes is very sad.
Thanks, stay safe too and take care
Of your family.

                 - misschance

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I’m sad to hear those news of a late response there in your country @misschance. I have no time now to check those articles you cited but they look interesting so I will be over them ASAP.
Wishes you all the best, keep safe my friend!
Hugs over there 🤗🤗

Thanks @drakernoise.
In your country too is severe :(
Stay safe and take care of your Dad and brothers.
Big Hugs.

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