Advertising Swiss Bilboard - Yes to Herbs Legislation

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Hello Steemians,

I was walking last day and I laugh when I saw the advertising pannel. Just take a look, we really are in Switzerland :)
WhatsApp Image 20200214 at 20.03.21 1.jpeg

The cows campaign for the legalization of the grass. They encourage you to take the Part in your cheese dairy, aha :)
WhatsApp Image 20200214 at 20.02.17.jpeg


lol @misschance it’s hilarious 🤣
Can I use your pic? I’d love to put it in discord 😁

Ahaha, yes it's funny and of course you can use it my friend @drakernoise :)

hi @misschance. how are you? interesting billboard for that type of advertisement. and how are things going for you this week as far as the rally? I notice it's been a few days since you posted for the Redfish Rally?

We've missed you in the Redfish Rally 100 chat. We'd love to see you there so that you can see what's going on in the February Redfish Rally.

Take care.

Hello @justclickindiva, I am good thanks I hope you too?
I was busy this week, I will take part next week.
And I will come back soon on Discord.
Thank you for your message, have a great weekend :)

Ok, great. Thanks for letting us know. Whenever you are busy and can't particpate, just take a moment, come to chat and let us know. That way, we won't keep trying to get in touch with you to make sure you're ok.

We want all paricipants to succeed. But we also know that your offline life is more important and your family. So don't feel any way about not having time, we all get busy. Participate when you can.

You may not have time to fully participate, but just come to chat and leave a message. One of us will see it and send well wishes.

And you can participate again in March or whenever you have some extra time.

Take care, and have a great day.

Thank you too much. It warm my heart to read your message.
I will catch the march Rally and more often as possible come to chat.
I wish you a wonderful day :)

Hello @misschance. If you'd like to participate in the March Redfish Rally, just take a moment to come to Steem Terminal; go to #rally-waiting-room; place an emoji under the category of your SteemPower [like before if less than 100 or over 100].

We'll get you added to March Rally.

Have a great day and rest of your week. See you soon.