Drawing Leopard

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Drawing Leopard

hello i have this drawing for today , drawing a Leopard with pencils
i found it's picture so beautiful with those dots on their skin ! big kitties :D
so i decided to draw it for my drawing practices i add the link under the picture of my drawing as well
once we were in a zoo and saw a black jaguar there , we saw advertise before going there and i had something different in my mind, he was like a big black kitty who sleep in the shadow on a rock , looks very innocent and calm, but well they must hunt to survive yes :D
i like them and i scare them at the same time, that is natural i guess
i hope you like this drawing


lets watch some process picture here

lllll (2).png

lllll (3).png

lllll (4).png

lllll (5).png

i hope you enjoyed to watch these works

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)


i made this GIF with one of my digital arts :)



have a very beautiful day and see you next time! tomorrow! :)


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😍thank you so much

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The black spots really brought it out.
Great job.

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Thank you very much 😍