NeoXAg Delegation Contest Moved to @bwar

in neoxian •  4 months ago  (edited)

I've modified and moved the delegation contest over to @bwar and also expanded it into a daily contest. There will be lots of winners so don't fret if you miss out on the first day or two. 1,000 NeoXAg can make a difference for a smaller account so I hope this idea really helps some people out and can generate a bit more interest in the #neoxian tribe in general.

On a different note I noticed that a new account from the makers of MAPX has been spotted out in the wild. This one is called @MAPXV and has a slightly different structure than MAPX. You can get two votes per day from @MAPXV and a stake of 500 is the maximum allowed for full vote value. You also don't need to have the tokens staked so they are a bit more liquid for whenever you decide to sell them in the future. I grabbed 100 to test them out. Worst case I resell them later. Best case, upvotes forever!

edit: forgot to add a link to the new contest post!

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