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It was the same in Korea, and there is a place to visit any country.

'Traditional Market'

It's noisy, lively, and just feels like the country is in.

Good bargaining fun, a wide range of fun items, and less scent of big business capital.

In other words , it smells like a person !


Sometimes someone tells me.

'Huh, it's hot, but there's no air conditioning.'

'It smells ...'

'I think it's getting rid of gourd'

'You're going to save a few dollars'

'It's a big crime place'

For various reasons, you should not go to the traditional market .


But when I see those 'sweaters' ,

I'm just a happy place with a smile .

'South Americans are lazy.'

'I don't work.'

'I only like to play. It is said to be ...

How hard you work!

It's just like our 'square market' or 'moran market'.

'Sweat' flows ...

The places where 'effort' flows are so good.


Although they are different, it is a comfortable place like the scenery in front of a salted store.

Because the land is different, so the plants that grow are different,

The process of fermentation and becoming food is similar to where our people live!

I'm hungry,

Even if I taste all of them once

My stomach is already full ^^


How can I pass this joyful place ^^



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