#ulog : Necessary Ingredients To Make Genuine Aceh Noodles A Delicious Serve of Delicious Cookies and Family Favorites

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#material Main Noodles Aceh ;

*500 gr noodles

*150 gr fresh shrimp that has been peeled and discarded skin / meat

*1 piece of tomatoes, cut into triangular shapes

*5 thinly sliced red onion cloves

*4 cloves of thinly sliced garlic

*100 grams of finely chopped white cabbage

*100 gr fresh toge that has been discarded a bit of the tip (tail)

*25 grams of finely sliced leeks

*10 gr celery leaves are finely sliced

*600 ml beef broth

*2 tablespoons soy sauce

*2 tablespoons soy sauce

*4 tbsp cooking oil

Mie Aceh Tumis Daging

#Ingredients For Fine Spices :

•7 pieces of chili
•½ segment of ginger
•3 pieces of candlenuts
•½ cm turmeric
•1 tablespoon pepper powder
•5 cloves of garlic
•¼ tsp cumin
•¼ tsp coriander
•3 cardamom grains
•3 grains of aniseed (anis)

Mie Aceh Tumis Udang

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#Supplementary material :


Mie Aceh Kepiting





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