#ulog : Breaking the fast together, in the city of Lhokseumawe

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#ulog day3

Blessings of the Moon #ramadan-tkf


Every once a year there must be an iftar event with alumni engineering engine university Malikussaleh Lhokseumawe.


After the tarawih prayer we continued with the coffee event together at the coffee shop,

Coffee Time Kp3 Lhokseumawe

Okay buddy, so that's the result of my shots.

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Alumni teknik tahun brp bg??? DR. Adi Setiawan ada ngajar Ama ab?

Tahun 2004, Leting tsunami

Oooo... Lon Nyoe bak unimal yang lon Turi Dr Adi Setiawan dan Dr M Daud Nurdin....

Terimakasih sudah menggunakan tag #ramadan-tkf

Ditunggu postingan berikutnya, segala yang berkaitan dengan Ramadhan 😊

Salam hangat dari Kanada,

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