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I am nominating plankton community :)

It's a small community created by @mermaidvampire and @cadawg focused on helping small fishes grow.
When I rejoined steem half year ago they helped me a lot learning steem again and growing my SP.

How it works:

  • Plankton community has own token on Steem-Engine -> plankton.token
  • Everyone who bought at least 5 tokens is eligible for daily votes from plankton account and profit shares in plankton curation rewards
  • U can also win plankton.tokens and other rewards in multiple contests and weekly discord game on Saturday
  • Very supportive community on discord

Of course, plankton.token is staking plenty of tribe tokens and plankton holders receiving rewards in tribe tokens also :)

Feel free to visit plankton discord:



What good coincidence, Plankton Token just launched the Plankton Loan Service which is inspired by the Awesome Bank of Neoxian and we are buying more Neoxian Silver to stake to help curate our Plankton community with our curation trail with @plankton.token and @mermaidvampire accounts.

Thank you for the nomination, any help will really help the many Plankton in our turf. This is surely appreciated and we are honored to have you join us @gerber. I wish we can get more help from these boosts from tribes and communities so we can multiply these blessings to a lot of Steem accounts, which is basically what community should be all about!

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