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It has certainly been exciting for many steem members on the platform with the introduction of SCOT tokens.

Since the creation of Palnet platform, lots of identical ones with different themes started to spring up with many of us grabbing different SCOT tokens from steem-engine.

I actually decided not to invest any more cash into cryptocurrency and earn through posting and hodling my current investment.

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With the innovative idea of starting of Palnet to earn multi-tokens, I was led into spending almost a thousand dollar into SCOT tokens.

I guess it is really long-term investment and not quick-to-get-rich investment.

My most recent investment for the last few days is on NEOXAG tokens.

I have a current status of 2307.89 Neoxian Power for curation. I did not get any airdrop so this amount is really pure investment over my side.

There is a really an active discord behind this NEOXAG tokens.

You can find lots of regular conversation and giveaways.

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The potential of social platforms is really depending on what people can believe in and put their money into it.

The level of engagement within discord can often lead to my decision to invest.

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Do we really know the future of SCOT tokens?

No one can predict but those who invested see potential in these steem-based platforms.

No one could have imagined that with just one upvote, we can earn 6 to 7 other tokens from curation that can add up to quite a nice profit in accumulation.

It is really out of this world but I guess it is how much we want to control ourselves now.

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I have received couple of free airdrops since I staked some pal tokens so I guess it is more profitable to stake them for curation reward rather than start selling them and regret later when these tokens become high value.

Investment is a risk and no one can be sure but it is a risk for higher possible profit.

Just like steem platform, no one can believe that it lasted so long since it was being doubted when it first came into the crypto world.

Thanks for reading about this reflection about my recent investment.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept that. All images and pictures were taken from google images that are free from copyright under labelled for reuse.


Why Neoxian?
The history?

@neoxian is really well-known on steem platform. He does run neoxian bank that loans out cryptocurrency. The reputation of the founder can play an important part of success. You can take a look at his blog, supporters as well as the token popularity on steem-engine. The miner token is selling at an incredible price. Nevertheless, it is simply my personal opinion which no one can really tell which Scot-based platform would definitely be successful.

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I start to receive a bunch of tokens lately, I might stake them all. :)

Staking them allow us to curate articles. The value of free airdrop tokens is unknown as it is really depends on the perceived value and confidence for the new platform. Thanks for your comment!

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i don't know @neoxian in person but i can say that he is an exemplary person, he has added a lot of value to the blockchain and its community, it would be a shame not to join his tribe, which i'm sure will prosper, welcome to

Thank you!

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Good to have you.

Thank you! Hopefully I can accumulate a nice amount of neoxag for curation as well as support to the neoxian city members.

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I miss your airdrop, a way to get some free to stake?

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yea, use "neoxian" tag on your posts