UpFundMe: Building a "Dog"House

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One of my goals with Steemit has been to turn my spare time into cash and my content into even more. Sharing the love I have for gaming with everyone has always cheered me up. Some of my favorite memories are from when I ran a hobby shop. I love to see the way people puzzle out things infront of them and how they choose to engage with each other.

So I'm a building myself a Doghouse. One made out of effort and hard work but a warm spot where I can rest my head and know I'm doing it right and my family is fine. Where everyone has a place to come puzzle things out.


This sweet 'ole lady is my granny. 

This UpFundMe is to fund me as I do everything I can. I plan on using any and all UpFundMe rewards to improve my health, fix my home, feed my family, or further my career.

First things first, I'm currently taking care of my elderly grandmother and working any odd jobs from home. So currently any extra money I can make is going towards fixing her house. She has pulmonary fibrosis and no savings because her immediate family took all of her money over the years and she wasn't able to keep up with home maintenance. Several areas have rot and need to be repaired!


So far the kitchen linoleum is coming up easy enough. 

This will be my first time doing some of these repairs and I lack the tools. I'll be starting with the kitchen as seen below. The floor needs to be ripped up and cleaned. There are some areas in much worse shape as well but I wanted to start here to make sure I do everything properly in an easy area and so she'll have a clean kitchen to walk in.

Tools to Buy

I have a couple tools in my box but I think I'm missing these.

  • Heat Gun
  • Pry Bar
  • Sander

The house has been in her family for a while and they've simply added onto it as needed. Most of the surfaces are wood but they've either been covered over, stained, scratched, or are rotted. I will begin by ripping up all the old flooring and sanding down all the wooden surfaces. I'll be able to rip up the flooring during brief windows but the sanding may be trickier due to her illness. After the floors are cleaned she may have to leave to my sister's for a week so we can do some of the messier/dustier work.


This room is pretty nasty. Couple soft spots also

This is my first time really sinking into a project like this solo. I've done some work on job sites but I'm hardly a handy man. If you have any tips or support make sure to drop it in the comments below!

I truly appreciate your support! My content is heavily focused on freebies, airdrops, and gaming. I've made over $5,000 this year from the cryptocurrency freebies promoted on my channels. I've used this money to buy my granny a New Fridge, Dishwasher, and Washing Machine and now we're fixing the house! I couldn't have done this without you guys. If you're looking to score some free cryptocurrency make sure to follow my channels and show some love!

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  ·  last month (edited)

We are getting tag sorting on the left in trending/hot/new/promoted soon, this should be tagged either charity or crowdfund so it will be easier for people to find.

Thanks, updated it

  ·  last month (edited)

I think it needs to be added in on upfund.me. From what I can tell tribes pull the tags once when the post is created but doesn't change them if they are changed after posting unless you do it on the tribe site.

However I may be able to fix it by just adding #charity in a comment. We will know here in a minute.

Edit: Nope, that didn't do it.

Ok, I updated it using the Upfund.me front end

Doesn't seem to work either. Maybe it's too late to change. Ah well.

Well a renovation like that is going to take some time, and multiple posts. For your next post on the subject I recommend picking the cheapest tool on your list (likely crowbar) and focusing on that. You should include a full price of the needed tool and details on why it's needed specific to your renovations. You could link back to this post so users have more details on the full scope of your project. Once you have the crowbar, show us how it helped you and move onto the next needed tool or supplies.

Splitting it up into stages like @phoenixwren is doing with her First Aid Kit makes each goal easier for our average users to fund and gives everyone a chance to see your progress.

Here's an example from my older UFM if it helps give an idea:

So basically I was keeping track of:
-the price of each item
-the price of Steem/SBD (aw man, $1.17, that would feel so good nowadays, lol)
-my totals raised to date

...in the end because I started the fundraiser as crypto prices were kinda just starting to tank, so I would lose in price value as much as I gained, after putting it on hiatus for months and the prices getting even worse, lol, I just decided to get the lamp instead of all three things: https://steemit.com/thankyou/@phoenixwren/thank-you-steem-fam-979wlksl?fbclid=iwar0agnnl9c3xzy_hwtd1t_m7d5mbcprgwnrxovrliyylf-ogi26qs5mpkqc

So that's why on my new campaign (which @upfundme linked in their reply), rather than aiming for all of the first aid supplies at once, I'm picking out one item, completing that goal, and then picking out the next item. There was someone back in the day who was renovating a trailer, and they were listing it one item at a time too, so like, they need this or that part, and that was their goal until it was accomplished and then they moved on to the next part.

It's a lot more do-able, I think, that way. :) I hope this helps!

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