You will get cryptocurrency scores for articles, images, videos

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and If you are a writer or creator of any type writing articles about something interesting, adding pictures and videos of anyone who enhances your posts will send you Bitcoin Cash to your online wallet and you can use it to buy goods (like anything on Amazon with 10% Discount through, any gift card via eGifter, hotel books and airplane tickets with Travala or exchange with other money using There are many more uses and reasons for having Bitcoin Cash. You can also use Coinbase to convert your BCH to USD or EUR reliably. Use "Send Your Bitcoin Money" from the top right menu to send your money to one of these services. Or use something like FixedFloat to convert BCH to your favorite cryptocurrency. and the most important thing is that your work will not be useless for everything you make. if you want to try it you don't need to pay any fees. You just register and you will have a special special wallet. if you are interested please



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