Touch And Go For Clubs In Lower Leagues

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Panic and worry is starting to set in amongst many of the clubs in the lower tiers of the football leagues. Many of these teams survive on gate receipts and the occasional player that catches an eye of a scout from a team in the Championship or Premiership.

It has got to the point in England and I am sure is the same across Europe that clubs are talking about going bust. I am sure the ones that get to that point cannot have points deducted as that would be doubly cruel. Normally if a club hits financial problems during the season they have points deducted which normally gets them relegated out of that league.
Nobody wants to see another club disappear out of the League.

The clubs are discussing a proposal that if possible they need to cap the wages for the 2021 season at least. I know that there have also been some murmurings about suggesting capping the wages for the Premier League cubs as well. This will be difficult to implement as this won't be overly popular with the players and agents.

Last season clubs in the Premiership made in excess of £4.8 billion and 60 percent of that went on wages. That is £2.8 billion just on salaries which is insane really considering we are only talking 20 clubs. More than a handful of those clubs are the poor relatives so the majority of that figure will come from the top 6 or 7.

1874 which is 146 years and it would be a shame to see clubs disappear along with their rich history.

I do believe if each club was capped they would be better off and their buying would have more thought behind the players they purchase. If a team wants a super star then they would have to build his weekly salary into the cap and I think the leagues would be more interesting. Players salaries have escalated and honestly no player is worth the money some of them are getting.

Messi may be the top player in the World then pay him less and allow him to make the rest of marketing. Currently the clubs earn marketing rights of the players and they cannot have both if salaries are reduced. I think players could make more if they are given this freedom which probably would scare some of the clubs.

This scenario we have all found ourselves in will change many things and things that would never be discussed will now be discussed. This has to be good for the game making it a healthier more open environment.

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