How Low Can You Go?

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It seems there are no lengths a political part wont go to getting their messages across. The masks being sold by Political parties in South Africa is disgraceful. I wouldn't be surprised if they offer no protection anyway and are just being churned out somewhere.

The DA (Democratic Alliance) said that their masks are at least free and had excess t-shirts which they used to make masks. The ANC is selling theirs for around $10 each and the EFF is giving away the hand sanitizer which is at least something useful.

This is not a time to play politics, but it seems every country is not immune to this as news channels are full of accusations. Instead of coming together for the common good they are all about trying to pick each other apart and score brownie points with the electorate. At the moment if you are a leader of a country you are damned if you do or damned if you don't. Everyone seems to be spreading lies and it is difficult to sift though all the fake news.No one really took this virus seriously if we were honest as we had no clue what to expect and still don't.

Supplying branded items takes away from just the giving of the items and that is what is wrong. The one mask is for sale which I have a problem with as these things should be free. The political parties are not concerned about the well being of the people, but more about themselves. We all knew that already, but this is just a cheap publicity stunt on their behalf and getting their party "brands" into the masses.

Other countries you have millions being poured in by companies offering free items which is goodwill. Most likely those companies will benefit in some way in the future, but they are at least helping for now.

When questioned about this the Government (ANC) was appalled at what was happening yet they are the ones who give out t-shirts at every election. I don't trust any politician as 99 percent are liars and crooks and are only in power for self gain.What happened to having officials that actually cared about what happens? I can't find one party to vote for in this country and that is a shame as that should never happen.

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