A Sleeping Giant About To Wake Up

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If you are a business person and looking to buy a cut priced team in the Premiership Newcastle would be top of your list. A reported deal of 300 Million Pounds sounds like a lot, but for what the club has to offer in prospects it could be a steal. PCP Capital partners which is Saudi backed will have all the fans jumping up and down as finally some much promised investment into the team can happen. I can't see anything stopping this deal now and don't think any changes will happen until the end of the season.

To highlight this in 1999 Newcastle was 5th in World Football with revenue just one spot behind Manchester United. The prospects with the support base they have is what adds real value to this club. The player values is not really adding the value as the team needs to rebuild and purchase decent players who will at least compete. I see this as a 3 or 4 year project to get into the top 4 and that should be the only realistic target right now. Anything else would be a bonus and the fans would be happy with this. We know what happened to Manchester City and the Newcastle fans will be hoping for something similar.


Happy days not that long ago as Newcastle put 5 past Manchester United.

The club is a sleeping giant with a huge fan base that could fill it's 55 000 seater stadium twice over. the fans have had enough of the current owner Mike Ashley as the thinking is all about survival with no interest in looking for silverware. He was running a business and spending less that what was coming in was a decent earner for him. It is time to step aside and let someone else have a go and try and see what they can do.

Every season is exactly the same with little to no money spent on players and managers forced to create miracles with what they have. Newcastle fans want more than that and just being able to compete would be a starting point. It has been a surprise this season as somehow they have clawed their way into mid table and not in the normal bottom 5 or 6.

The team has yo yoed in and out of the Premiership and there is no guarantees they could get up again if they went down. Every season it is becoming harder as the bottom teams are getting stronger so investment in the squad is required urgently for next season.


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