Questions of SCOT Curation?

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Many of these posts are coming out in full blast mode since the rise of the SCOTs have displayed how marvelous, brilliant, know-it-all, smartypants we all are. This post will be a definite reversal of that wealth of fortune as the "World Series of Competitive Eating" likes to call it. Yes a regurgitation of questions that are going to spring up at lighting speed on my part. I feel like a idiot bringing this up so for those of you that have the answers maybe this post can be helpful in putting together this information together in some kind of catalog of coherent facts since I have not seen these answers early on.

Here goes nothing, in no particular order...

A) Are all votes counted for non-staked members of the SCOT tribe for curation order? In other words, post A his 21 votes, but only three of them have the palnet token, for example. Does the curation line start only with the three that have staked PAL, or is it a catch all and all 21 are in line, but only three are selected from their relative position?

B) Does anyone have any kind of curation curve graph created for the non-linear, superlinear, etc curation models, if so where can they be found?

C) Can we make curation graphs and similar kinds of questions easily answered before we dive in deep into these coins, waiting a week to see how this works? With all due respect (not in the Ricky Bobby sense, lol) there were times where the system was down and we weren't able to see a lot of this real time and it kind of threw off my calculations. And I also have seen posts that curated tiny amounts of steem but sometimes would see little or nothing also there from other sites where I had coins staked. Not saying there is a problem I am certain I got what I deserved, lol, I just would love to hear an explanation for this in some way if possible to the best letter of the metrics we can get.

D) Is there an individual condenser type of vehicle similar to something like steemworld, steemd, or something to where we can see things like curation breakdown with these new platforms, or is that something still in the waiting?

I will stop here because that is a great deal of info to request of course. I would also be curious of those that have other questions maybe we can brainstorm them to find the best explanations and make someone SCOT rich who can come out with the post that explains all of this in the most coherent way so that we can have some kind "Curation for Dummies Edition" here for the SCOTs.

Thanks for reading, of course feel free to add to the conversation with any answers, other questions, or comments on all the above-mentioned. Enjoy your new steemit adventures wherever they take you!
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I'll do my best to answer ;)

A). All votes are done at the Steem layer initially. This means that ALL voters are ranked in the same order and aren't affected by the tags. Think of it like this: 50 voters vote on a post and each are ranked 1-50. After they've voted on Steem, SCOTBOT searches their Steem account for staked Tribe tokens that match up with any tribe tags used. Some may have stake, some may not. if you have stake, then you're put into an additional line for that SCOT token which goes by the same rank as the Steem upvotes... Kind of a compkicated way of saying that the "order" is the same on Steem as it is for all tribes. Some people earn and some don't and that's just based on stake.

B). There are graphs floating around. Some were done my Steemit. Others were done elsewhere. I forgot where at the moment, if I remember, I'll edit them in.

C). Probably would be a good idea :)

D). Not yet. I believe Steem Engine has said that they're still working on being able to split rewards and identify what's from mining, curation, author, etc. For now, you gotta just use the Steem Engine block explorer to search for rewards (but they're all under the same identification "issued")

Hope that helps ;)

Wow, perfect, exactly the answers I was looking for thanks a ton!

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