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Hello everyone, it's your useless game admin here! Apologies for my lack of the communication over the weekend. It was a holiday here and I should have sent out a message that I wouldn't be around much over the weekend.

It seems many people are unhappy with the current state of @catsmakekittens and I can fully see where you are coming from. The price has dropped quite quickly as more people have started to sell off the CATS they've been creating. One of my goals on this project was to hit a point where the market was fully controlled by the community. We've hit that point now but unfortunately it turned the market into a massive spiral. I can't control what people choose to do with their CATS and KITTENS. If you want to sell your CATS, that is completely within the realm of what we set up here. Part of the design was to not have any sort of staking so that you could choose exactly what you do with your CATS. I did not expect the prices to plunge so rapidly but I did expect them to drop off their peak at some point.

I am still designing new features and looking to improve @catsmakekittens overall. I've been much slower than I expected but I haven't abandoned you in any way shape or form. I will try to communicate better moving forward but I won't be making daily posts and will be limiting my posts to when I feel like I have something I need to communicate with the community.


Well, I still think it's a pretty cool program, and I plan to keep holding onto my CATS. The price drop seemed pretty inevitable since CATS are basically the equivalent of a mining token... and when you keep making more and more KITTENS, the price will eventually drop unless there are enough people interested in buying in to offset this "inflation." Which there evidently are not... but I'm still going to stick it out!


Is there an upvote service tied in with them? Like, send x amount to reciee % UV?

There are upvotes just based off owning and holding CATS, no upvote service.

there is an upvote-service tied to the CATS-token, if you are referring to that.
1 CATS-token (get it now on steem-engine as prices are low as f**k...) produces 1 KITTENS a day (same thing here ;p ), but also grants 10% upvote-value (i think, please correct me if i am wrong) from the bot if you use the "neoxag"-tag when creating a post (as "neoxag" is a generic tag, associated with You just need to have the CATS in your steem-engine account to be eligible for the upvote, no staking needed.
the KITTENS serve as a sub-currency, so to say, because they can be traded for cats (current rate is 24 kittens for 1 cats still, i think), but not (yet) traded in for additional upvote-value (wouldn't that be a nice feature?).

Lol at anyone who bought at the peak of the great 2019 cat bubble and is complaining about it. When the supply of cats was to be highly inflationary, what does one expect?

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I didn't expect things to crash like they did but a price drop was inevitable.

Hey @catsmakekittens. Thanks for letting us know why you were away. Communication is key and much appreciated.

I've got some questions.

  • Do you know why the circulation values for CATS and KITTENS are not being updated on Steem Engine?
  • I understand that at present CATS don't have to be staked to earn KITTENS. Would you consider staking in the future to help reduce volatility?
  • Would you considing reintroducing the process of sending KITTENS to null? That seemed like a great built-in SINK to reduce the supply of KITTENS. I am not sure if you would have to send 100% received to null, but perhaps a portion.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not totally sure what you mean about the circulation value. I printed a certain number of CATS and KITTENS and will only print more in the event that we totally run out of supply on either token. I can definitely burn a large quantity of the total supply if that's what the community wanted. Really we are recycling all of our KITTENS via trade and the only supply that may be a long term issue is that of CATS.

No plans to add staking, I prefer our current method of distribution and I feel like you should have the choice when and how you sell your tokens. The volatility is definitely a downside to this but I would prefer to keep things this way.

Long term I may consider reintroducing the send to null feature. Right now it is significantly easier to track the trades by sending to @catsmakekittens and all KITTENS on @catsmakekittens are essentially out of circulation.

thanks for the update!
as you plan to do less posts, is there any other channel of communication (if necessary) to get in touch?
the point is, the regular posts provide a quick and easy way to interact with the community in my opinion, and the community-aspect of the token is something i like in particular (and should not be neglected in my opinion, as there is no tribe or something similar for catsmakekittens).

That is a good point @unicron, my main account is @bwar you can contact me through that account or contact me on discord.

We could always start a discord server as well if that would help.

but what's the price problem going down? are normal short-term market movements I think

I think the market dropped from 24 Steem per CATS down to 7 Steem per CATS at one point. Pretty significant dip but really just need one person interested in the project to immediately put us back to 24 Steem.

I think the reason for the CATS drop is no more demanded. The value of CATS will get back if the demand increases. Such as increasing the power of upvote and the ratio of vote by having CATS

All we need is one person interested and we are right back to the all time high.