Neo blockchain components in few paragraphs

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Neo, NeoContract, NeoVM

Two most important components of Neo blockchain are NeoContract and Neo Virtual Machine.
Let see what they are


Neocontract is smart contract system which is used by NEO blockchain to validate transactions, run token sales (ICO) and decentralized apps - dApps. Neo Contract consists of 3 parts, NeoVM decentralized VM designed to execute smart contracts. It is worth to mention that NeoVM is not limited to the Neo blockchain and can be used outside of it. NeoContract APIs are interfaces which empowers smart contract with a lot of functionalities. SDK are set of tools to make design and creating Neo smart contracts more user friendly.


NeoVM architecure is based on the 3 main components. Execution engine which execute smart contracts also it has built in debugger, Stacks - Neo has 3 different stacks, invocation stack, evaluation stack and alt stack. Last part of NeoVm is interop services system bus which connect Stacks, Execution Engine and external services.


Neo Api consists of many elements which allows users to interact with the smart contracts, didigatl assets, storage, ledger data and to check runtine information.

SDK Development of NEO SMart Contract

Neo smart contract development can be done using many programming language, pick one you knot the best. All .NET languages and all JVM languages are supported by the Neo blockchain. Currently C# has the best support from the NEO side so it is the easiest way to create Neo smart contracts. More about developing Neo Smart Contracts you can find here

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