Spotcoin — QLC Chain airdrop coming Monday: Every reason to get ready

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You can’t sleep on it. Our very first airdrop with Red Pulse (RPX) went so fast, it was over in just the blink of an eye. It took under 20 hours for over 3,000 participants to snap up the 100K SPOT tokens we had allocated to our first airdrop.*

It was pretty awesome to see such a nice turnout to our first public party — we felt like the cool kid on the block. And if you own 1,000 or more QLC Chain tokens, we’re hoping to see you this coming Monday for the next round of our airdrop.

Now, why would you show up? Here are some compelling reasons:

1) It’s simple and you get free SPOT. Here is how:

First, join our Telegram group

Second, go to and [register](First, join our Telegram group

Second, go to and register or login to your account.

Third, on Monday May 21, starting at 6pm (GMT+4), login to fill out the Spotcoin airdrop pop-up with your Telegram name and the NEO address where you hold your QLC Chain (QLC) tokens.

Your SPOT will be delivered to the same NEO address once we’ve completed our post-ICO third-party audit.) or login to your account.

Third, on Monday May 21, starting at 6pm (GMT+4), login to fill out the Spotcoin airdrop pop-up with your Telegram name and the NEO address where you hold your QLC Chain (QLC) tokens.

Your SPOT will be delivered to the same NEO address once we’ve completed our post-ICO third-party audit.

2) You’re helping to make digital currencies work for everyone

Free SPOT! Sure. But what does Spotcoin do? We make digital currencies work for everyone through direct access and simple liquidity. We started as an over-the-counter (OTC) clearing house in Tbilisi, Georgia providing ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. With our rapid growth, we’ve expanded into a multi-faceted powerhouse engaged in mining operations and education. With the funding from our upcoming ICO, we will build an automated digital currency exchange in Georgia that gives everyone in the Black Sea region access to the smart economy.

3) The SPOT token is great for long-term passive income

SPOT is a dividend token based on NEO’s NEP-5 standard. Spotcoin will be issuing the SPOT token through its upcoming ICO. SPOT holders will receive 51% of Spotcoin’s exchange fees as a weekly dividend, plus 12% of net profits from all of Spotcoin’s other business lines on a quarterly basis. There will be a maximum number of 99,000,000 tokens. Unsold tokens will be burned.

We did run into a snag — the snapshot provided by the Neoscan application didn’t show the true amount of RPX for some of the airdrop participants. If that’s what’s happened to you, and you sent us an email about it like we asked, don’t worry, we are on it. If you were one of them, get in contact with us at [email protected] You will receive the amount of SPOT you are due.

Interested in more Spotcoin?

Join our Telegram community: Spotcoin Team, Spotcoin News, and Spotcoin Bounty.

Take a look at our [complete ICO) offering here](

Read our Whitepaper here, for more details.

Visit, where we make digital currencies work for everyone.

Residents and citizens of the United States are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT Airdrop and the SPOT public sale. Residents and citizens of China and South Korea are prohibited from taking part in the SPOT public sales. However, certified accredited U.S. investors can take part in the SPOT private sale. Chinese and South Korean investors can participate in the private sale when paying with digital currencies, after signing the SAFT form and completing the KYC /AML process. Any investment in digital currencies comes at a risk. No one should invest money that he or she can’t afford to lose.

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I just discovered this airdrop, and it seems very, especially if you consider it as a free passive income! Really excited for this project!

Great to see that first Airdrop went so well!
Let's keep Spotcoin on the top and increase NEO community.
Congratulation to the Team for this awesome giveaway.

Indeed, good work

With Airdrop, people are motivated to learn something about an important event. This is a good and quick way to move a person from his place and for a specific reward to force him to do certain actions. This method often works. Good luck all. #Spotcoin

True... but I also noticed that there are a huge amount of airdrop hunters around who join the community just for the airdrop. They just want to get freebies. What do you think if the airdrop campaign is done with quizzes? Like, in order to get the airdrop token, you will need to read the whitepaper etc in order to pass the quiz.

  ·  last year (edited)

The idea of receiving airdrops for owning certain coins is really awesome as it helps create a bigger and bigger community around NEO. It is all about creating that smart economy.
All the projects become part of a family in which every member supports each other and grow together. And this can be only beneficial for each and everyone of them

This is a great planing and great opportunities to get spotcoin for all swth holders. Thanks to spotcoin community.

Thank you again for another Airdrop Spotcoin. This sure is a super project.

I am sure that this project will bring a lot of value to investors and in the crypto world in general. The interest to Spotcoin growed up in last time. I hope it the team will do their best to make it successful.

After a successful airdrop for RPX holder, now it is a time to get airdrop for QLC holders. I am in for this and waiting for it now. Thank you for clear instructions.

team has done so much for the project but still they are not stopping on creating more exciting events join the ongoin airdrop now and be part of the future success

I believe this project has potential to positively effect the community and would personally like to see it succeed for that reason.

This is a great opportunity for those who have failed to participate in the first airdrop last week. Thanks so much!

Man this Airdrop is Awesome. Its not even just 1... Its 4!!!. already got my SPOT for RPX and cant wait till the QLC drop!

This contest is great full. .Spot coin has a massive community touch to doing this kind of give away. Extremely very happy to hear the this event by Spotcoin

#Spotcoin has the most amazing team and by supporting other NEP5 projects shows their commitment and dedication. Kudos Spotcoin

I sure didnt miss the first airdrop and am sure i wont miss this one either. Good airdrop thanks spotcoin team.

Another interesting airdrop ! Where can i buy QLC chain tokens? I want more spotcoin !

You can buy it in Binance, Kucoin & Be quick and do not miss. this. Make sure you register at On Monday 21st May, make sure you are logged in sharp at 6pm (GMT +4)

awesome opprtunity !!

Woow. I missed the previous but won't miss this one. Let me visit the exchange and get mine ASAP.

Great to see that NEO projects are assisting each other in raising awareness about each other and NEO itself, happy to see that Spotcoin will list NEP-5 tokens which adhere the CoZ guidelines. Good luck everyone with the airdrop.

The news is already going round about spotcoin. This airdrop has informed a lot people about spotcoin. The first airdrop was going this next one will be superb

Spotcoin helping to make digital currencies work for everyone and airdropping spotcoin for QLC chain token holders is amazing news for Neo community.I am holding 1000 QLC ,so waiting for may 21....

These are a great series of airdrops and great for the entire NEO ecosystem of NEP-5 tokens. Looking forward to the QLC Chain airdrop as well as the Swithceo one.

Bonus for Holding QLC, Spotcoin doing one of the best & innovative airdrops. Spotcoin will be huge in coming days.

Thank you guys. These are a great series of airdrops and great for the entire $NEO ecosystem of NEP-5 tokens. Ready for QLC already!

Great Airdrop, have lots of QLC and efx so really anticipating both of them, great way to spread awareness for spot while helping the entire NEO ecosystem

can i get this Airdrop because if i applied RPX airdrop too ??

Of course friend!
You can also participate in all 4th airdrops by the spotcoin project, just use simple instruction posting by team in socialmedia. Also invite your friends :)

SPOT coin is definitely doing things differently. Lots of opportunities get your SPOTs. Looking forward for my turn.

By the way, the QLC Chain and supporting ecosystem will enable any individual, business or organization to leverage their network resources to instantly become a service provider or network operator.

Awesome airdrop, i really liked it :) first phase of this for rpx went out too fast i couldn't joined :/ i'll definetely don't miss that one. I wish there are also deep brain would be perfect :) anyway im looking forward that dates to get my SPOTs.

I look forward to airdrop for effect holders. Your scale is impressive!

Nowadays, without motivation, people do not want to move a finger. We have to resort to various incentives in the form of Airdrop. But there is a certain benefit, because it gives the first impetus to further action. Airdrop is a useful thing. Good luck all. #Spotcoin

Anouther great Airdrop. I'm very happy to join with you Spotcoin team. Dear SpotCoin followers, Mark your calendar now. never miss this great opatunity. Grab your coins and HOLD it. i will sure Spotcoin project is so valuble in future. Extremely very happy to hear the this event by Spotcoin

I find it really amazing that you share tokens for free! An amazing idea! Thank you very much!

400k SPOT is HUGE , don't miss this guys it is very easy to get and remember that " You’re helping to make digital currencies work for everyone "

Thanks for the airdrop. Glad Spotcoin building within the NEO blockchain. NEO based tokens are getting the highest adoption rate so far, with so many decentralized exchange that dedicated to NEP-5.

Great project, support him, he deserves great investments and good investors

Again it's a chance to join with Spotcoin #Airdrop. It is a very good news to all of investors who is in with spotcoin bounty or not.

Thank you, I will closely follow you, so as not to miss such a great chance get free tokens ! :)

I will hope that part 2 of AIRDROP will go as well as for the owners of RPX! Good luck!

One of the best Airdrop for crypto lover. This is most acttractive airdrop NEO NEP5 platfrom invetors . Hardworking team always dedicate for this project to get the suceess. I'm very intersing about this airdrop as well as this @spotcooin ICO.All the best team.

  ·  last year (edited)

Airdrop is always fun. I love airdrops. In addition, I learn a lot of interesting information in the process of completing tasks.

the biggest nep-5 airdrop in the cryptocommunity.. redpulse is gone.. QLC To follow... you can buy QLC at
binance -
kucoin -
gate -

neo wallet to store QLC - neotracker

How to open A neo wallet and copy your neo address


  1. go to
  2. put your password
  3. copy and write down your private key!
    Save your keystore file
  4. unlock wallet
    5)then copy neo address..

Spotcoin is the best. I grabbed some QLC for this airdrop. Happy to be part of this community.

Great exposure for NEO and for Spot, and of course #QLC Chain. If you weren't aware, Qlink (rebranded to QLC Chain) is the first decentralized mobile network in the world! That's quite something! Good luck with the airdrop everyone! Another smash hit from team Spot!

Wow! Great initiative by the spotcoin team. Many people will have a chance to get free tokens while supporting other Neo based projects. Good stuff.

Creating a valuable NEO ecosystem is very important for all the project on NEO platform. For this purpose, this is a perfect move by the Spotcoin team. Kudos to you guys!

A successful future is always a new technology! Carefully study the project and join!

Great way to build excitement among the owners of NEP5 tokens. Can't wait for my turn when the Effect.AI tokens are up for the airdrop.

Join the red pulse airdrop now.

This is surely a good way to engage the Qlink community, this I believe is a good strategy

This command brings pleasure and success in their exceptional idea, This will soon show the results.

Spotcoin made a spectacular campaign. Both the other tokens and the spotcoin will win. Spot have a great concept with a much-experienced development team. therefore this air drop is so valuable in future. don't miss this chance because already one airdrop is done. Collect while its free

Spotcoin' first Airdrop showed how the investors would love to stay with this NEO based great project. They know that we will get massive benefits with SPOT coins such as dividends, profits sharing.

While we wait for one of the most, if not the most highly anticipated ICO token sale - what could be better than airdrops! Make sure you don't miss out on this one! Question for Team Spot: Any update to when the ICO will start?

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello.... 1,000 or more QLC Holder. It's time to earn some SPOT s.. SPOTCOIN have announced that they willing to give 100K for them. Get Ready for the grate event..

I missed the first one and now i will join other airdrops. This is amazing idea for NEP-5 tokens and ofc for spotcoin. Good ads.

Thank you for this quality airdrop. This gives me time to purchase QLC Tokens for the upcoming airdrop this Monday.
Thank you again for this very great opportunity and will participate all of the upcoming airdrops of SpotCoin.

Wish I got mine QLC. Though I haven't. Looking forward to the part as I qualify for that one.

Thank you for this quality airdrop. This gives me time to purchase QLC Tokens for the upcoming airdrop this Monday.
Thank you again for this very great opportunity and will participate all of the upcoming airdrops of SpotCoin.

QLC HOLDERS ARE YOU READY...? The grate SPOTCOIN Team is going to have an important Airdrops for you. They have allocated 100K SPOTS for you guys.

I have been investing in #ICO for a long time, and quite successfully, and now I really want to recommend you to join to this amazing project

If someone knows the future potential of this company, he or she will not this great opportunity get SPOT tokens. I am a really bullish with Spotcoin token and the team has a clear vision. Therefore, I am not going to miss this chance to grab few SPOT tokens for free. I am waiting for the Spotcoin pre-ICO too.

Overwhelmed with the great support Spotcoin is getting from its community and the community's wide acceptance of the airdrop campaign. It greatly shows that the project is all inclusive and one which all will be proud to be part of.

Best airdrop that I ever joined. No need to hurry, just hold QLC in wallet and register for airdrop.

Wonderful airdrop! Really looking forward to the SWH one as well. Good work and good luck for the future.

Great chance for QLC holders to get free SPOT tokens. 100K Spot tokens are ready to distribute on 21st of May. Hurry up and claim fast because last airdrop reached max capacity in one day

I'm so glad i hold some $QLC, now i stand the chance to receive some spot coins.

My undying love for NEO projects will keep making money for me.

I'm super excited about being one of the early holders of spot coin. Cause automatically i am a benefactor of one of the top blockchain projects of 2018.

Kudos team! For this exceptional initiative.


Cool airdrop! Proud to be part of NEO blockchain. I already got some Spot for holding RPX this week and cant wait to get more for QLC next week. These airdrops are awesome, Thanks!

It is worth listening! After all, China is a truly powerful innovative economic leader in the world. They have created a platform to attract the research community to the exchange economy and I'm sure this platform will work and reach unprecedented heights !!!! Therefore, do not waste time and today start acting and making money, because today's name is

One of the most interesting ways to do an airdrop. Giving tokens to those that already hold other NEP5 tokens is a great marketing strategy.

Spotcoin helps the other cyrpto grow more and more and its generous of them to give away this airdrop whoever holding QLC in their wallet. Thanks Spotcoin team!

Always a great thing to have a airdrop like this. SpotCoin is a very promising project love to watch this great project. Happy to be a part of this.

There is less time to go this great opportunity. This will be a valuable chance for all QLC holders. Don't miss this great opportunity. Good luck.

Good luck everyone who holds QLC. I am watching how fast this one is droped. Last week was pretty fast. ..

i am greatful for the airdrop, it engages the community forward, i think that the NEO ecosystem will be very strong in the short term future!

I advise you to HODL, not to sell! I think that the project will be very successful!

This is an airdrop no one should miss. QLC on it own a good project now combined with an amazing work Spotcoin are doing. Get on board and don't miss out

#spotcoin #nep5

great news SPOT

This airdrop will be as fast and successful as the one last week. I am watching from the side and be a little sad I dont have those tokens. ..

I justed missed the airdrop party now two rounds are remaining will not miss that 😀😀😀. This is really unique way of airdrop which will bring only real crypto enthusiastic people's to the community. SPOTCOIN team is very passionate about their project which good for people who will support and take part in SPOTCOIN ICO too.

Wow, great news and great chance to collect some spotcoin. Spotcoin is a superb project. Without any doubt, this will be a great ico in this year. So, don't miss this valuable opportunity.

Investors are sure not going to regret investing in spotcoin. The usefulness of the programe is overwhelming. The team are also doing very well to achieve great results.

SpotCoin team is really generous. Team really motivate investors to invest. SpotCoin is a great opportunity.

Spot already concluded a deal with O3 right? So it is better if the people use O3 wallet instead of any other. Airdrop campaign is a good opportunity to gain some more spot tokens because not every investor is so rich to purchase so many. Like me...

This contest is great full. .Spot coin has a massive community touch to doing this kind of give away. Extremely very happy to hear the this event by Spotcoin

haven't participated airdrop yet?today is the last day to collect your spot. do the simple task as described above and collect your spots. good luck.

Project scope is getting a huge part of a project, this shows us goal of the project, So spotcoin has valuable Goal that sense to us

great project I recommend to all crypto-lovers a very topical issue to unite the trade of Fiat and Crypto-currency

this will be my long-term holding coin for this year. because spotcoin payout 51% dividends from exchange fees and 12% dividends from company net profit. so i highly recommended to all t participated in this ico.

I recommend investing in the #Spocoin project. In the near future, you are waiting for good dividends. Join us and you'll be fine. Amazing project and I'm sure this project will be promising, a great team will bring success in the future.

Great work! This is the new decentralized blockchain technology used in this project! Promising project and will have great in the future!

this is a great news, I really like spotcoin! Hurry now to get discount. This is a promising project that you must join