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RE: Creating a Light Client for Neo, a Blockchain Developer’s Gateway Drug

in #neo5 years ago

Great write up! I really wish I had the time to learn to code and start helping out and developing on projects like this. I've always thought that I'd like to start with swift and go from there.

I didn't realize you could use swift outside of the Apple world. Knowing I could code stuff that interacted with NEO is just more motivation to learn. Just goes to show how much I don't know!

Good luck with your future endeavors, looking forward to seeing what other things you come up with.


You can help by commiting to the StackExchange proposal and lead others there as well :^)

Yes since Swift became open source, it is moving in the cross platform direction. Linux support is ok, but at this stage you would only use it on Linux if you're super dedicated to the language.

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