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Market Update:
Global Coin Markets continue to rally. We can reach a new all time high in our cyber coin portfolio at 13.387 USD +33,9%


CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:
TenX +163%
Bitcoin +25%
ETH +33%
Decent +6%
EOS +1%
Steem -7%

Bitcoin Rating reduced to buy from strong buy
Steem upgrade from hold to buy

We expect global coin markets to remain bullish if Bitcoin Price stays above 3000 USD
Our CCC Chart Analyser (Elliot Wave based trading tool) estimates a Price Target of Bitcoins of 4000 USD within the next 4 weeks.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice ROE, I got everything but Decent in my portfolio, also bullish on BTC 4000 is my target aswell.

thx natra !

lets go btc and steem~!

Dang... The value of Bitcoin above 4000 USD in the coming weeks sounds great! Back in the time a price rise of Bitcoin would make the other coins go down, a sort of a trade of between Bitcoin and altcoins, but lately, I guess it has changed around April 2017, it seems that whenever Bitcoin is going great the altcoins are following! Which I do like! I'm curious what the effect will be on the value of Bitcoin as soon as segwitt is released and the transfer fees and transfer time will be so much lower then it is right now! Bitcoin to the moon and beyond!?

I expect mars Levels ;-)

Very cool, thanks for sharing - upvoted, resteemed and followed!
Also an interesting portfolio, I have somewhat similar holdings but with different shares.

@privatealpha I can see tht you're located in Germany? Do you have a homepage or something? Would be very interested in learning more about you.

Great post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.

thx ! will do my best to outperform the coin markets


thx day 20 is even better +88%

Thank you for sharing.

followed and invested like the virtual portfolio, great performance so far ! I like your work!!