NEO and GAS Rocking The Price Chart

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NEO and GAS go in pair as usual, they just have raised nicely.

GAS is needed to move tokens and the price is raising, possibly other NEO tokens will be next in line. While most people think Binance is the best exchange for NEO tokens, actually KuCoin is.

Official NEO website lately added list of dAPPS.

And current NEON wallet added update, now you can directly send and use some of most popular tokens.

NEO Devcon in 15 Hours

Neat sponsors. We can guess if they will pump on KuCoin after GAS/NEO did the move already.

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NEO $1k in 2018?


Most likely not...Neo would need a market cap of 80B to reach that level. Etherium has a 107B market cap as of right now. Maybe if we reach collectively 1T in net Market Neo could reach somewhere around $350 ish?

Wow. NEO was quiet for so long. This is great! I guess people were silently working on dAPPs.

Wow, just think about how less than a year ago, February 2017 antshares was around $0.12...If anyone makes a time machine let me hop in it once, I wouldn't even need to go back far, just to July 2016

July 2nd buy steem, July 13th start selling steem
August 3rd buy monero with steem profits
September 3rd Sell monero
December 25th Buy Dash
February 2017 buy antshares
March sell dash, keep some masternodes, buy ripple
May sell ripple buy ethereum
July sell everything for bitcoin to get free bitcoin cash
August 1st get alllll kinds of free bitcoin cash
Then spend the rest of the year investing in Steem, Populous, Kucoin shares, Cardano, Zclassic....
I would be a billionaire in no time lol


hahaha... its good that we don't have time machines. Unpredictability in the market and life, is where all the excitement comes from :)


Hindsight is 20/20, lemme know if you ever find your time machine hahaha


cmon dude, just back to the 2009 and buy bitcoin is much as you can and then sell them on December 2017


thats way too far back, yes maybe I could of gotten a large portion of those million bitcoin that satoshi had but what if the bitcoin I received prevented lazlo to buy his pizzas, what if those bitcoin i got prevented roger ver from investing in bitcoin startups, going that far back in time might alter the outcome of bitcoin, we might of never had the spike to $31 back in June/July 2011, or the spike on November 2013...but going back to 2016 the market was large enough for me to dip in and take all kinds of gains from rising alts...can easily make over 20,000 bitcoin by august 1st 2017, then I can literally live off bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin diamond ect and still invest in cardano for a 20x flip, or zclassic for a 50-100x flip...

Should have bought more.

I am so happy :) I purchased Neo coins in September market crash, when the price was less than $20 USD :)


I was a non-believer and I thought I missed the train when it went to 30-40$


Just imagine if you had thought the same about bitcoin when it was $30-40 hahaha...
with cryptocurrency market you never know the right time or the right price :) that's how unpredictable it is :)


there is no down or right time in crypto buy whatever time it went down dont wait for its to come more down.


I bought these little ants at 8$


good on you, mate :)

wow. my profit is high.

The growth of Neo and Gas have been nothing short of amazing, love reading about the amount of stuff happening on Neo. Neo is the One :)

NEO always interests me. I own a small amount of Neo. Remember last year it underperformed Ether in a big way. But I think it’s GAS model is actually helping a lot of people to hold. Any dips is a buy in my opinion.

NEO is the ONE

Well, i think NEO may make waves like ETHEREUM this year because of the community backing it (CHINA). China is a strong player in the crypto world.

I feel that NEO will be the most profitable coin of the year because these Chinese won't let their Chinese ethereum to let down.


there is also Metaverse (ETP) coin, which is chinese eth-based coin. doing quite well among ethash based coins :)


But neo is the more stable coin & also having a good reputation among the trader .

Good information.

I'll admit with all the new and upcoming wallets and trends to the blockchain.Binance definitely has some competition, and if the other big-time blockchain/cryptocurrency wallets don't up their game I won't be surprised if their competition caught up and surpassed them. I can definitely get behind this GAS movement.This is definitely a time to consider getting it. And here are some of good thoughts on it......

@kingscrown thanks for the market update and analysis, it's highly appreciated and helpful

I'm long on NEO, I only have a few though. I remember when it was down to $25 after the China ban news, due to inexperience I thought it was dead at the time. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Enjoy the ride you crazy bag holders! NEO is going to the moon in the next few years for sure.

Any prediction for BTC?

sudah di upvote mohon di upvote saya kembali terimakasih

Only Neo is the best...
time to grow up with Neo....
Every bady don't miss a single time.

great to share

its very helpful article for thanks..good luck

nice post

This is nice indeed

Great update

i got 10 neo i want more i think the price should go to 50-100 dollars soon

Of course Kucoin is heaven exchange for tokens. Great update , thanks bro.

oh Neo.... interesting

Can NEO be trusted?

And with Neo Devcon tomorrow the price should just keep on climbing!!

Thanks for the great content. I agree that Kucoin is a sleeper exchange that's going to do very well in the future.

Hey, assuming there are a couple Neo vets in this thread, I got some questions for ya'll:

A) Can I start making gas as soon as I own at least 1 Neo? Is there any proccess I should know about to claim Gas?

B) I've heard that leaving Neo in a wallet, like Binance, will award you with Gas, will that add automatically to my Gas wallet in Binance?

And lastly C) I've heard that using Binance will award your Gas at the end of the month, Versus other wallets and solutions can net you Gas every 5 minutes. Which one is better and which should I be using if not Binance?

(Little extra info, I'm in Canada, not sure if that changes the reccomendations for wallets, thanks in advance)

Waoh! How i wish I could benefit from Neo

NEO has been an avenue to make more money and they have been changing lives of we youth for better, I remember when I first join at early last year I thought its just a game, but later I'm very happy that I joined earlier because I'm smiling always to make a great coin.

Own observation, Kucoin trading volume is ten percent of Binance. Though their coin price almost same. Kucoin could be overvalued, or perhaps Binance is very undervalued. Good buy both, and putting majority on Binance.

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Right time to i invest ?


Yes. It is the right time

very good information, I am very happy to hear this news. I also hope NEO and GAS will continue like that. Thanks for sharing... :)

be a whole lot cooler if they took STEEM

Interesting ;)

Should be an interesting week again and an interesting 2018 for NEO. I watched the Dtube video last week of the NEO CEO and it was quite incredible.

Nice article, thank you.

Neo is on fire! Always great to stake and get gas tokens. Good long term HODL

As a brand new member of the Steemit community, I would appreciate a follow :) I will start posting every day, and the posts will primarily consist of CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS, MEMES and GRAPHS.

I regret deeply that didn't buy NEO, well i wasn't interested to this coin at all...

Huge post for NEO and GAS. Thanks for the post.

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thank you very much

Thanks mate! Can't say how stoked I am to have gotten into NEO months ago

With neo devcon happening tomorrow. I expect 200+ neo and possibly 100+ gas. Stay strong neoites!

Thanks for sharing, following you

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Currently i have neo on binance and kucoin.

binance still waiting for the gas payout on 2 feb.
kucoin suppose to be daily payout on gas but i m receiving it every 2 days instead.

I m wondering if binance neo to gas payout take into account the daily neo you have in your account to calculate the monthly payout or it just take the last day snapshot of the user's neo holding ?

NEO and Gas just don't care. They keep on killing it.


NEO has been smashing it recently, I traded mine away not long ago for a good profit but I'm going to have to ladder back in on the next dip!

NEO and GAS will continue grow together. Realistically 1st targets would be $200 for NEO and $100 for GAS in coming months!!

SKY is limit for NEO in future

Has Kucoin been lacking on the GAS payments lately? I havent received a payout in a few days.

Informative post. Thanks

I love NEO, my favorite alt-coin!

Guys, do you buy NEO? I don't like it much because it's something like 50% premined....The second portion is 50 million NEO managed by the NEO Council to support NEO's long-term development, operation and maintenance and ecosystem. The NEO in this portion has a lockout period of 1 year and is unlocked only after October 16, 2017. This portion will not enter the exchanges and is only for long-term support of NEO projects.

NEO like Neo in the matrix! Means new one.

Well, I came across NEO a few weeks back, when it was at around $113.xx , I didn't knew much about NEO then. I did some research on my own about NEO, and invested a bit in NEO at $155.xx. I strongly believe NEO will become a $400+ crypto by the end of Q2 2018. If anybody want, I could write a detailed post on my research about NEO and why I think NEO will be $400+.

NEO vs Etherium In Q2 2018

NEO is such an awesome coin to stake!!! Free GAS has never felt so good!!! HAHAHA!

This is the right time for investing in cryptocurency if you are planing for a long term investment

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anyone knows when is possible to withdraw neo from bittrex to get gas?

I love this long time

nice!but i want to which website can trade those?

Pro Tips:

-Start Staking full increments of NEO within your Encrypted NEON Desktop Wallets to start Generating GAS as a Dividend.
-Stake KuCoin Shares (Minimum of 6 Shares) to build up a daily Return of KuCoin Exchange Fees split up amoungst all of the Alt Coins being traded on KuCoin Exchange.
-ICX, XLM, POE, XRB (Nano) & LTC Looking good going into February.

Hoy no fue uno de los mejores dias:(