Do not send NEO or NEP-5 tokens now - Network Has Maintenance

in neo •  9 months ago

Today Binance added ONT, a token that was airdropped on all NEO holders. Later on Huobi did the same. If you had NEO on any of this two exchanges you got ONT ready to trade but if you had them on own wallet.. Then you have a problem.

Me and other users sent ONT to exchanges and they dont show up. Binance has replied to me and other users that NEO network has maintenance and that we should ask NEO for the updates.

Interestingly - there's no info about this anywhere. The only hint is the main block explorer is down.

Binance Markets

NEO Markets

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what a crazy week...


Nice post man i look up to you


Am telling you, crazy week indeed. @leftbank


ONT Airdrop Drops Nowhere!!

For more information visit my last post.

My best wishes,

thank you very much for this update.
My question here is : if somebody send NEO or NEP, what happens for the tokens? are they lost forever or they will get them when he network is up and running.?


as long as they get noted on the blockchain with the correct address it will never be lost. Well, unless someome changes the ledger.

mmm... NEO and BNB shaky lately
I still like both

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Learn, thank you for your advice

Fantastic article, my friend. Well done. You really are a wonderful person. You make wonderful remixes. I wish you a happy weekend

Shit hole,anyway thanks for the crypto news.....
Something should be done real fast ooo

As Neo hits the dump.

Incredibly odd that there is no communication about this whatsoever, especially for such a big project.


maybe it's all the Hype in eastern countries, not sure. You make a good point though

thanks for the advice especially that i frequently use Binance

Hmm thanks for the tip 😺. So should I sell my Ont dividend or should I hold? I'm thinking of at least waiting for the other half of the airdrop before it's time to make a move.

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Wait what? Am I understandint this correctly: the entire network is down for maintenance? Does this happen often?


first time i see it especially in this manner


No, the neo network is not down, just the neo tracker website which is just a block explorer for the neo network.

Thanks for the information

So when will NEON wallet users recieve ONT?

Any news about Kucoin?

es impresionante de verdad. he leido otros articulos donde dice que aparte de que siempre esta en mal estado, roba en las transacciones que son enviadas aparte del fit

Interesting, I have not looked at how I need to claim ONT airdrops and on wallet they go to, Need to take a look.