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RE: NEO/BTC Impulsing in Five Waves

in #neo4 years ago

Last year BTC went from less than 1000 to 20,000.

This year is not different, moreover, it will rise much more. Where there is money, investors will be there. But strong hands, they will never make it easy.
In addition, BTC is being born and is still being integrated into the laws of large countries. You basically have 2 ways:

  • Day-Trading and Swing-Trading, using stoploss. In this case you have to be trained, you have to study and analyze graphs every day. If you are trained, this is a very good way.
  • Buy in january and sell in december. Cryptocurrencies are rising in the long term, and it is a relatively safe form of investment. But you have to be very patient and endure any correction that exists. In 2018, this path is also feasible.

I hope you do better from here on

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