Is Antshares Positioning to be the Ethereum of China?

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Rebranding for NEO

Antshares / NEO has already gained a foothold in the country. Its own currency called ANS is already used on most stock exchanges throughout China. Like Ethereum, owners of ANS tokens can use them to pay for transaction gas.

Meanwhile, the team behind the Antshares project is collaborating with Chinese certification authorities on mapping a real-world asset using Antshares smart contract technology called Smart Contracts 2.0.

The project also marked several new startups as partners, with plans to add other partners as the project progresses.

In addition, the NEO team has patented interoperability between chains, which should benefit the project in the long run.


There are several differences between Ethereum and NEO, particularly in the technology from which they are built, and more specifically, their programming language.

Antshares is compatible with all coding languages, while Ethereum only works with Solidity. The compatibility of Antshares with all languages should generate a greater number of users.

Among the similarities of Ethereum and Antshares is their ability to combine gas or fees, smart contracts and possibly even DApps.

Capitalization of the market by US $ 250 million

NEO is a subsidiary of Onchain, which is among the most respected brands in China. The project has already made millions of dollars in funding, with its market capitalization totaling more than $ 250 million. With that amount of money, Antshares already has the ability to advance its technology in the coming years. However, it is interesting to see if it will succeed with the Ethereum of China.

However, it is still too early to know whether Antshares may eventually become the Ethereum of China and dominate the Chinese market.

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Antshares is so big, with the chinese guys they get really really huge!