Goldilock AMA With Co - Founder Tony Hasek - Secure Crypto Storage - On Neo Blockchain

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Hello Neo, Blockchain and Goldilock community. Today I talk with Co - founder Tony Hasek we discuss the Goldilock project.

In a snapshot the project provides Remote crypto key custody and digital asset security suite on the NEO blockchain.

The Goldilock project isn't just exclusive to NEO, The team is working on multi-currency so they expect to support all major tokens in the future.

Tony and I started with the Goldilock team, what inspired him and his team to develop the project and how he spent time with his co -founder Jerrod in the Czech Republic getting a taste of crypto.

Why choosing NEO, the supportive team, aligned values and the ecosystem.

Going into what the Goldilock project is the just right storage. not to cold and not to hot just right.

Explaining having the right level of security, say the same level of security found with a Ledger COLD storage by taking your assets off the web. with the other end of the scale HOT where you can leave on a wallet say MEW or a exchange.

Tony explains the multi- use cases they can offer, with the best of both worlds the convenience and security, JUST Right!

The ICO at a glance and what's on the horizon for Tony and Goldilock.

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