Bittrex stealing ? NEO GAS

in #neo3 years ago

So for those of you holding NEO on the Bittrex exchange are probably upset they not giving you GAS.
Do they have to ? Probably not but if they don't want to lose millions in business they should act fast.
People are pulling out their NEO into wallet to receive GAS.
Hopefully they do what is right so people will return to BITTREX.
Reddit, Twitter, Youtube etc lot of people confused.
Bittrex has released a statement but its a little confusing and not a great answer.
Another reason why you should never leave coins, tokens or anything on exchanges.
Start talking guys if you want what you think you deserve.
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More NEO holders should be aware of this and pressure Bittrex to move towards the right direction

Many exchanges and wallets didn't support Bitcoin Cash at first, but now they do. We really need some organized pressure. Try some reddit posts or online petition. Let me know if you see one so I can sign it.

Also put some pressure to reduce the 0.1 NEO fee to withdraw. That's $5 Cryptos are not VISA or MasterCard for God's sake!!!

Everyone needs to go and post on their twitter account/s. They will lose alot of new and old clients this way.

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