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Well, this was unexpected.

Version 1.64.0 is packed with surprises. Along with a brand-new asset release, you’ll find fresh design changes in both the Wallet tab and Portfolio; as well as a nifty feature that will help you quickly search for the asset you wish to find...

As always, you can grab the latest version in our Releases page (or through a convenient in-wallet upgrade).

Let’s get into it!

Time To See It For Yourself

Welcome NEO into the Exodus family! NEO is fully supported with the ability to send, receive, and exchange within the wallet. Keep in mind, the asset only deals with whole numbers, so don’t be too weirded out. :)


Of course, no one can mention NEO without its trusty sidekick GAS. Although you will always generate GAS when using the NEO wallet, it will currently accumulate behind-the-scenes. We do plan to look into GAS and how it can play a supporting role in a future release, so look out for that.

Going Straight To The Top

Tired of scrolling through dozens of wallets when hunting for one with a balance inside? In this release, all asset wallets with a balance will automatically be moved to the top.

assets order.gif

You’ll also see a clear divide between wallets with a balance and wallets without one.

Show Me The Money! (in BTC)

After our last release, some users were wistfully missing the ability to view their total balance value in BTC on the Portfolio tab. This has returned, only, now the switch can directly be done through the portfolio balance inside the portfolio ring.

portfolio BTC value.gif

Don’t Worry, We’ll Help You Find It

Quick question, how many assets does Exodus currently support? (some of our Twitter fans may know this 😉)

For all of you crazy power users holding 80+ assets, we now implemented a wallet search feature so you can easily reach the wallet you’re looking for. Scrolling is now in the dustbin of history.

wallet search.gif

Oh . . . I almost forgot to mention we added the same feature in the Exchange tab as well :)

exchange search.gif

In Closing

That wraps up another Exodus release (and Release Notes!). I hope everyone stays safe in the crypto-space and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, Email, and of course, Steemit. Adios until November 22nd!

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And for you cool Exodians who stayed till the end... 😉

Fun Fact:

In the past, people relied on telegraph lines to transmit stock price information that was then printed onto paper. The ticking noise from the printing machines is why we call abbreviated symbols “tickers” today.


Wow great release! So happy you guys have integrated NEO. Are their plans to include nep-5 tokens as well?

What are you guys at exodus doing in regards to the bch fork?
What is the deal regarding bch - its no longer bch its now bchabc & bchsv
Im guessing deposits wont work?

I'm glad to see NEO, but for now I am going to stay with the official NEO wallet until Exodus supports GAS payouts. Keep up the good work guys!