ONT AirDrop for NEO hodlers

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I love me some NEO, it's one of my favorite alts and sturdily survived this last colossal drop. Neo stayed the course and along with its companion GAS (which is the actual currency part of the project) held value and traded at about $120 and $40 today respectively. GAS dividends are already distributed to NEO hodlers (GAS is mined with every NEO transaction) and both Binance and KuCoin pay the dividends.

Now Ontology will be releasing a project on the NEO blockchain and will airdrop all NEO hodlers .2 ONT for every 1 NEO. I just read and posted above that KuCoin will be honoring the drop and distributing ONT to their NEO coin hodlers. I keep mine there because I don't want to download the wallet and I get extra NEO and GAS from KuCoin due to my KCS hodling. Not a bad deal. I have not heard if Binance or Bittrex will honor the drop. But anyway, make sure to get your NEO now, and if you already have it, make sure you get your share of ONT coin, it could be good.

Here is the link to the official announcement from NEO.

Also be careful, there was recently an impostor NEO Twitter account offering to give away NEO if you would send some to their address first, just like the e-mail scam from the King of Jumundi who will give you $1,000,000 if you just send him $300 first, don't fall for it. It was a reply to the official announcement and some people sent their coin. Good luck out there!


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Thank you very much for this info, I love getting tips on how to get freebies!


No prob, if any, both this one and the upcoming BitCoinPrivate are legit. I think NEO, ZCL, and of course BTC are battle tested cryptos and their airdrop is based off hodling coin, not just following telegram and twitter and posting their link in a billion places. There are a BUNCH floating around right now that may or may not even end up becoming tokens, so best of luck!