Asura Coin is proud to Announce Christopher Obereder As Growth Advisor

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We are happy to announce that Chrisopher Obereder has joined the Asura team as a growth advisor. He will be helping the team grow with his vast experience in the Business, Blockchain and Crypto industries.

Christopher Obereder is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who lived in Silicon Valley over the last years and is part of the Forbes 30 under 30 of 2017. During his career Christopher has built himself a very diverse business portfolio ranging from games to communication and social media platforms. Additionally, he has built a user base for his apps and games exceeding 300 million users around the globe.

Christopher is the founder of the social media platform Inlope, which was described as “Facebook’s Latest Rival” by the Financial Times. He sold his shares three weeks after launch. Amongst various others, companies like Microsoft have backed Christopher which enabled him to attract over 30 million fans on social networks. Christopher has worked with over 500 of the leading social media celebrities including Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Skrillex, Kingbach, Paul Logan and many more. He was able to sell one of his gaming startups “Steve — The Jumping Dinosaur“ within 4 weeks to one of the largest gaming companies in Europe (Genera Games, which makes the games for Disney).

Christopher is also the CMO of Tellonym, which is one of the leading feedback tools with over 10 million active users.

Christopher was the CMO of and helped the Naga Group with their marketing. He was able to build one of the largest crypto influencer networks with over 200 of the largest crypto influencer and knows how to gain traction on Telegram.

Christopher is a speaker at CEBIT (the largest tech conference in Europe), 4GameChangers, WeAreDevelopers, 48forward, Skinnovation, Crypto Conference, Malta Blockchain Summit, Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Boston 2018 this year.

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Fantastic advisor, i always followed him and now it is so nice to see the collabolation with Asura coin, another fantastic project!
Keep doing the grat job guys, and thanks from us, investors!

It's always a pleasure to see good people added to the Team!
Personally, I didn't know Christopher, but from his resume seems to be a high quality addition to Asura Team.

Guys I really hope for you, you have a very promising project and I really want you to bring it to the end, I wish you good luck, be sure to take part in ICO

This project is worth to wait., and I like really the platform, I would definitely support this project and tell and share with my friends how wonderful this project. Thanks for making this into a reality

Another professional addition to the great Asura Team. He is a very powerful mind in the cryptocurrency world. He has already worked with some amazing projects. I am pretty sure he is gonna be a key member this team. His skills will be value to achieve the final target of the project

Asura project has several unique features that can be used with blockchain is going be very success project. let's make our calendar for this day. this is really great opportunity

We are happy to have such a young talented person on the Asura Coin team, super project, became even more stronger.

That's what I was looking for ! Worthy of all the smart people of the Lord!! The company is stable and everyone working in it knows why he is there!!

We are very proud of his involvement with the project. I believe that his talents and experience will be used with good management

Great project, support him, he deserves great investments and good investors

Great addition to the advisor list. Well respected, widely followed and with his best years ahead, I'm sure Christopher Obereder will prove his worth yet again, but this time for a unique and first-of-its-kind project in @AsuraCoin.

Welcome to the board. Well experienced in Blockchain projects will definitely help Asura world a lot. Once again Thank you and welcome to team.

The team members are in full concentration and committed way, we have full confidence that the project will achieve its goal soon. Investors can get good profits by investing their investments in this project.

Amazing job by Asura team to work with Christopher Obereder. He is one of the experts in marketing Crypto projects. This is a sign of the upcoming incredible news coming for @AsuraCoin.

This is awesome news.More experienced advisers enroll with Asura coin.This will very positive thing to investors.I;m really happy to join with Asura coin

Congrats Christopher. A great addition to an already talented team. As Asura Coin continues to progress, the project keeps looking better.

OMG! It's real awesome news! Christopher powerful person at blockchain world! For Asura Coin is strategic win! My congrats

One example for great community,It is not easy to increase the trustworthness of the investors but you are doing it need to think twice to invest in Asura

Joining world class people like Christopher Obereder increase this ICO value. I hope to have more like him with this project 🚀😍

I constantly monitor the success of the #Asura team. When its ranks are replenished with new people, it is always a joyful event for me. I believe that the project has great prospects ahead. Good luck in the promotion!

Did you guys check out his profile? It is very impressive!!! Forbes 30 under 30, he had been with many ICOs and raised tens of millions of dollars. He's got a bright a future ahead of him. Asura made a very good choice taking him in as an advisor. He will definitely make this project a success.

Welcome to the AsuraCoin Family Mr. Obereder. i am sure your knowledge and skill will be a great help in reaching AsuraCoin Goals.

This news is awesome. More people will enroll with AsuraCoin because of the new team member. Christopher Obereder has a good view of crypto. This is a good chance to AsuraCoin team :)

Very great news! Bringing talented people to the project makes Asura most promising ico. I do believe it will contribute Asura Coin`s further development.

This is a great addition to an already talented team. Christopher powerful person at blockchain world. He has already worked with some amazing projects. He will definitely make this project a success. Congratulations...

Christopher was the CMO of, and conducted ICO several months ago and collected a hard cap in a few days!

Reliability and success - this is what this project expects. Invest? Definitely yes!

with this growing community Asura can be a head actor in game sector. It will be very popular for gamers and also investors.

always best team

Very good news to Asura followers. i'm happy to have such a young talented person on the Asura Coin team, Christopher Obereder is high-level specialist. Asura, i'm pretty sure you can achive your task through this team. Great collaboration for Asura Team Good luck

I congratulate the team of the project on replenishment, even with a significant strengthening of the team! Christopher is really an excellent advisor. But I expect to see the project's tokens as soon as possible on the exchange.

That is really great that Christopher joined project. I like this project and know that is know success!

Wow ) happy to see you Christopher Oberede here ) welcome to the family bro )

Welcome aborad Christopher Obereder. Christopher is a strong Marketing professional and he has a vast experience in blockchain industry and understand it in and out. is a successful venture and now it would replicated same for asura. Cheers

You can tell a lot about a project by the quality of the advisors that want to attach themselves to the project. Christopher's impressive background is a strong endorsement of Asuracoin.

Great addition to the team! Christopher with his rich experience in various fields will be indispensable for your project and will help it to achieve success in the shortest possible time.

Communication is a key factor in any project, hoping to hear more from the team about the daily/weekly progress reports of the project

This is the first time I am hearing about this position. "Growth advisor".. what would be their task? Interesting to know more about it.

I think by growth is meant the expansion of the influence of the project in various countries, the issues of advertising and marketing. Consultations in the requests for holding and organizing a tokensele (there is experience in this)

Great addition to the team! the news and developments on this project are just astounding. Can't wait for its vision to come to fruition.

Great work. It will be a new step of Asura. I hope he will work hard to buildup this project and his skills will be value to achieve the finale goal of the project.

There are lot of well experienced members in team Asura. So they close to the goal very quickly and achieve it successfully with this excellence team.

Awesome news to hear. Christopher Obereder is a very talented guy. Joining him to Asura Coin ICO always positive sign for the project.

Serious adviser for serious project. Great to see experienced advisers in team!

This is a great news for asuracoin and all supporters ;) now we are growing faster then ever thanks to his talents and experiance. Love you guys keep up good work ;)

This is an entrance that can do really well. The team gets stronger every day. This kind of news makes people more hopeful about investing in the Asura project.

Excellent replenishment of the team!

I have studied the company and actions For a long time and decided to start working with them. Making great, great and great decisions by adding skilled persons to the team! I hope that we will be in a new world soon!

It's nice to see the team is still growing and expanding with fresh new talent. Nice One!

Super news! Look forward to! I am sure there will be a demand for this project soonest. Watch out.

I just checked Christopher Obereders profile and his previous works looks strong. Pretty sure he can do wonders to your project.

I am very interested in ASURA COIN project because it was NEO based project and very unique. Also the team did much so far.

strong team=100% SUCCESS

How exciting!! Christopher will be an asset to Asura Coin and it's great to have such talent added to the team was a one of the most successful ICO concluded in the Q1 this year and I'm pretty sure with the guidance of this young talented person, Asura project will gain a huge success.

Engage with the right people is the most important part of building a strong team. It is a pleasure to see a huge personality in gaming industry joining with asura team.

Very good and quality addition to the Asura Coin team. Christopher Obereder experience will drive AsuaraCoin to another level.

Another great person joined with Asura. this is great news to asura coin followers. Now Asura has Great concept with Huge Experienced development Team. i believe this project sucess in future. GoodLuck Asura Team.

Chris bring in some valuable expertise and experiences to Asura Coin project. He is a young, energetic, crypto influencer who can help Asura gain stellar status in the eSports industry!

Every each time asura coin gets best and skilled people around them. Here is another proof. Giants like this never support ICO if they cant see project value. But Asura Coin has another top-ranked Advisor. There is no doubt project will move forward with huge success. This is the results of your hard work. good job team. I'm really happy to be a community member.

it's good news when the team of professionals replenishment, I think Christopher will contribute to the development.

Great addition to the strong team! He's worked for such respected projects as NAGA. Well done!

Christopher Obereder has a good view of crypto this is really great news he is a really experienced person.

I met Christopher when I took part in the project. I think he is a very competent person on the subject and will certainly support the evolution of the AsuraCoin project.

Great addition to the strong team! He's worked for such respected projects as NAGA. Well done!

#Asuracoin is not just a digital currency, but a blockchain-based platform with many aspects, featuring smart contracts with more return for investors.

Comparison with other platforms looks very impressive. The Asura project is ahead of its competitors in many respects. I hope that this beautiful picture in a year will be a reality!

Great to have you in asura team the level of the asura expansion shows the wealth of your knowledge

OMG! It's real awesome news! Christopher powerful person at blockchain world! For Asura Coin is strategic win! My congrats

Chris is gonna make this great project the greatest , welcome to our community chris !

Its so great that talented people like Christopher Obereder joining the Asura Coin project. He will lead the project to success with his wide experience in this crypto field. Great collaboration for Asura Team Good luck!

Always successful team consists with the very talented person. This will be a huge potential project in 2018. Reallyt lucky to join with this

The project parades some of the best young and vibrant technocrat in the crypto community. Hoping their wealth of experience and determinations gives the project its full potentials.

Very promising ICO, based on NEO platform makes transaction very secure and smooth. Asura scores very high in other crypto rankings

I congratulate the Asura project with the acquisition of an experienced specialist. Christopher Obereder will make this project even more popular among players around the world. Successful promotion in the future!

We live in a wonderful time of change. There is a real revolution in people's minds. They are not yet well aware of this, but very soon the world will move to another level of communication of people. Blockchain will penetrate into all spheres of business and public life. The Internet will not work on the blockchain. The Asura project keeps up with the times, they understand better than us. Good luck!

Christopher Obereder joining the Asura Coin Team as the Growth Advisor. It's fascinating news for educating about him. Asura venture is a momentous task that associate a quickly developing blossoming industry, eSports to the energy of the NEO blockchain and I generally bolster the asura coin

It makes me very happy to see an Asura coin getting stronger every day. The community and the team are getting bigger every day. And a very good future is being laid.

I also join everyone in welcoming Chris to the wonderful Asura Coin team. His excellence and knowledge will take this project to next level and it is going to be very successful one.

Asura has an okay skilled group and Christopher Obereder is currently on board. They are dealing with this battle exceptionally well. This eSports stage is everybody needs, We can see decent things at this stage in future.

Another big addition to help bolster the team. Looking forward to some stellar work to help takes the project to the next level. Chris is going to do wonders for the future growth of this Asura

The project parades some of the best young and vibrant technocrat in the crypto community. Hoping their wealth of experience and determinations gives the project its full potentials.

Neo'yu artık o kadar çok duyuyoruz ki. İnsanların neoya güveni çok fazla. Asura da bu platformda yer alıyor. Neo tabanlı bir oyun platformu. Kesinlikle başarılı olacak.

interesting interview that makes us understand the importance of this project

The project presents young and vibrant intellectuals available in the crypto community, and hoping their wealth of experience brings a lot to the Asura coin and the general NEO blockchain based projects.

This will certainly increase the popularity of the project. Since a experience ,ember joining the project will simply boost the project.

Great project which will be really successful with such a strong team! The number of professionals in the team is growing. Good luck, Asura Coin

We are happy to have such a young talented person on the Asura Coin team, super project, became even more stronger.

Asura Coin-Another great project powered by Neo it is too hard to keep up with all the new, innovative projects that are choosing the Neo Blockchain. There are 3 things that are guaranteed with a Neo ICO- 1st the team will be superb 2nd the project will be cutting edge and finally, your investment will have a great return!!! Looking forward to Asura Coin!!!

Asura is doing a project that I want very much. And I think it brings the two worlds together. You have a great marketing strategy. I'm pretty sure this will be one of the most successful ICOs. Wish you all the best and I'm impatiently waiting to get whitelisted

Christopher is the founder of the social media platform Inlope, which was described as “Facebook’s Latest Rival” by the Financial Times.
Hes had built a user base for his apps and games exceeding 300 million users around the globe.His experience will be positive vibes to Asuracoin .All the best team.

Thank you for such interesting and informative interviews. Strong strengthening of the team. I will actively monitor the work.

One of the the best promissing project in the yer. Great Concept I'm very happy to be a part of this amazing project. Christopher Obereder very talented person. They are dealing with this battle exceptionally well. GoodLuck AsuraTeam.

That's great, Asura has well experienced and expert team. Another additional member is exciting , more additional input to the success of the Project.

Step by step the project is moving towards the designated goals and it's wonderful! I really like the team's work on projects and I'm sure that the project will reach maximum heights!!

Today I talked about a friend Asura Coin. He really liked the project. I think Asura coin is very close to nice times. We expect new news.

with this growing community Asura will be successful. Proud of to be a part of it. waiting excitedly for the day...

I really like about the concept of this project. It will be the next on top of the others. Im gladly looking this in the near future. Good luck Dev team !

Great to see advisors team growing!
And with valuable names... Two people with great insides into crypto world.

Extraordinary News! This is a decent venture on the grounds that in it there is an extremely modern innovation. The best undertaking Asura Coin has an accomplished group. It appears designers have considered something extremely intriguing.