Asura Coin and Aphelion Join forces

in #neo6 years ago

In an effort to create ease of entry, speed and security for our upcoming Asura Coin token sale, Aphelion announced its very first fully integrated wallet based “Participate In ICO” function.

Kicking off on June 2nd, the Join ICO function of the ground-breaking Aphelion Desktop Wallet will include an option to directly participate in the Asura Coin ICO. Collaborating with Aphelion, together we aim for the simplest, safest and fastest way to participate in the ICO.

Where to download the Aphelion wallet?

You can download Aphelion’s wallet from its Github page, which can be found here.

For more information about our upcoming token sale 2nd June:

Visit our Website
Apply for Whitelist
Follow our discussion on Telegram


Really awesome tool to let us join Asura ICO in a really simplier way! I bet much more people will join ICO thanks to this easy method.. it will be a success! ;)

Did read you the article about the O3 mobile wallet? It is more simple that APH wallet. You can participate in ICO on the go, especially for people like me, who is always travelling around.

WOW! What a great accomplishment!
This is an awesome partnership. NEO community is something really strong.
I have been looking at Aphelion for quite a while now and seems a pretty interesting platform. What a great way to take part in Asura ICO.

Great welcoming news. The Aphelion will definitely an important step to make easy to invest in ICO. Will see more ICO using similar protocol in the future. Great effort from AsuraCoin.

It's always good to see people with big qualifications and achievements, joining a great project like this because the experience and the knowledge of that person will bring more success to the project. Good luck asura team.

neo based this project will be landmark for gaming world. Blockchain technology can be implemented for lot of fields. This is great moment that blockchain technology used to change gaming world. There is great team behind this project. don't miss this crowd sale.

Great idea, great hopes in this project. The development team Asura coin is really great. I think the platform has a better future.

I think Aphelion wallet will be an another great help to the people who going to be part in Asura ICO. It's better to have 3 options rather than 1 option (Neo wallet)

i agree with you. do you notice that asura and aphelion have very similar logo? seems like a very close partnership. i have tried APH wallet a few weeks ago and it was slicky and smooth! i won 1000 APH for reviewing the wallet. lucky me. and i also had a very smooth experience in participating in Asura token sale with APH wallet. are you investing in Asura?

It is very exciting to know. This is new era of crypto. Have you known about this amazing project. This project will make your thoughts realty.

It is very powerfull partnership. Good luck!

Good luck sob, success :)

This is good step to keep ICO process smooth and fast.

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