Advantages Of NEO Smart Contract For Asura Coin

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By now a lot of the Crypto community around the world would’ve heard of NEO, some NEO ICOs, NEO technology and/or other information pertaining to NEO.

It’s fair to say that NEO is very new compared to Ethereum and being new, the general knowledge of NEO is also quite shallow. However, when asked to some people that follow NEO lightly about what they know about the Technology and Token, the answer is usually: “Oh I heard it’s Chinese blockchain technology” , “I heard it’s faster and more reliable” , and so on in similar context.

Although not false, but it’s a very basic understanding that does not shed much light to the fundamentals. We look at the NEO Smart Contract, as a one of the core characteristics of blockchain technologies.

NEO Smart Contract

In brief, a smart contract is a set of responsibilities that are set out digitally, including the agreement on how contract participants shall fulfill these responsibilities. Because of the way how a smart contract operates, it requires a high level of trust, thus blockchain technology goes hand in hand with smart contracts as it provides that highly trustworthy system in a decentralized environment.

The Neo Smart Contract actually has 3 different types: validation contracts, function contracts, and application contracts. However all have in common: high performance, expandability and certainty.

Behind The Scene

The foundation, NEO, uses the lightweight NeoVM (NEO Virtual Machine), a virtual machine is an emulation of a computer system, in this case, a “NEO computer”. The NeoVM provides the environment for contract executions, it starts very fast and only takes up a small amount of resources. This makes it particularly suitable for short procedures of smart contracts.

NEO also uses something called a Static Compilation. A Static Compilation has three main advantages:

Static compilation yields more powerful deployed applications.
Static compilation provides better intellectual property protection.
Static compilation achieves greatly reduced start-up cost, reduced memory usage, and easier linking with native code.
NeoVM’s data manipulation (adding, deleting, updating, and modifying data in a database) instructions provide support for arrays and complex data structures directly.

NEO Smart Contracts are also known for scalability, through two procedures known as concurrency and dynamic partitioning.

Concurrency — this allows NEO Smart Contracts to execute different parts of a program, or algorithm out-of-order or in partial order, without affecting the final outcome.

Dynamic Partitioning — this allows NEO Smart Contracts to reassign processors and memory to specific applications whenever without the need to shut down. With the Smart Contract, this procedure would occur automatically based on application traffic

These functions all add to the enhancement of performance in NEO Smart Contracts and that in hand are all advantages for the Asura Coin Smart Contract. More reasons why NEO is more suitable for the Asura World platform.

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I discovered lately this ico and i was impressed, but now i discovered that it will be launched on NEO blockchain, and imho this is FANTASTIC! This is a +1 for me, better neo blockchain ico instead of classic eth!

yes, neo ecosystem is getting bigger by the day and i'm glad that i'm invested in neo plus some other neo projects. Switcheo exchange is another successful neo project and i'm proud to say that i was there during the ico.

This project includes a number of best things: great team, great product, great idea, great start! We need products and ideas! I'm sure the company will occupy a leading place in this world! Offer to take part in ICO!

Asura is a very demanding project with well realistic concept. I'am sure expected profit is much higher. Asura Coin project looks very promising! I think gaming projects in 2018 will take off, especially Esports. Asura will be the one leading the way!

Neo has some more advantages than ETH, many ICOs are going to use NEO platform. Your project did wise choose by using NEO.

NEO platform but i hear that Ethereum is also implementing sharding to increase TPS of their blockchain. Let us see what happens.

Thank you for explaining the reasoning behind using the NEP-5 platform. Such a transparency is key for a successful ICO. I belive Asura is one of the projects to watch out for in 2018

Thank you for the article! I fully agree with you - the potential of NEO is just beginning to unfold.

AsuraCoin Strong team with a great project. Love to be a part of this movement and wishing a successful to all team members and developers, Good opportunity guys.. Don't miss it..

These are valid advantages for all tokens using the NEO platform. So it promises a beautiful future. It was a nice compilation, I enjoyed reading it.

So true, many of us, even newbies have heard alot about NEO and there currently many projects coming on NEO. Being a NEO holder, I am very excited where this will take us.

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