Beneficial Nematodes For Termite Extraction

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Termites are pests that we don’t want to have in our houses. They are most commonly found in woods that are in our house-- for an instance the foundations, windows and even on door frames. As long as there is wood, they can instantly create their own colony and eat the wood from the inside and out.

In this article we’ll discuss a way to help removing unwanted termites at home. If you think worms can be just used on our plants. Well there is another type of worms that can be used at home safely to help solve the termite's infestation.

What are nematodes?

Nematodes for termites are beneficial in exterminating termites in a small area in your house. The magic that these nematodes have lies in the gut bacteria that helps kill termites by being a poison. The good thing about using nematodes is that it is safe to use even on the present of humans and pets. Usually after 24 hours since application- nematodes work their way to killing the termites.

How do nematodes work in the midst of termites?

You will be surprised at how nematodes are very effective in terms of application, safety and killing process. Prepare water and combine the nematodes in the mixture created. When you start applying it by spraying it-- the mixture will drip through the wood and go for its target.

The possible pathways for the termite’s body for the nematodes to enter to will be the mouth, anus and it can perforate the whole wall or body of the termite. After successfully spraying out some nematodes to the infected area of your house it will work by killing the termites with its gut bacteria helpful for poisoning them in no time. It should be noted that if you are looking at a wide range of infested area in your home you might want to reconsider reapplying after a few hours to make sure of gaining success in killing these termites.

Now let’s take a look to where nematodes put impact on with killing termites,

They mostly target subterranean termites like Formosan that are rich in moisture. When nematodes are sprayed on infested area of these pests they wouldn’t know that they are being killed slowly as because nematodes are applied with water that makes it moist.

Some benefits of nematodes in controlling the termite infestation at your house are the following:

Affordability and Quick-Solution

Beneficial nematodes are sold in very low prices in the market. Take note that when buying one that is focused on killing termites. And when it comes to its effectivity- since this is a natural way to exterminate them then the process won’t take more than 48 hours. All you have to do is make sure that you have sprayed enough on the area and that you can continue to reapply to see greater results.

To see further results it is important to remember that nematodes are great for small infested areas. If you are dealing with a wider infestation then a professional help might be needed to successfully exterminate them from your house.

Seeking for more professional help to checking your properties would benefit you a lot in the long run to prevent further damage to take places at home. Always remember to check on your woodworks regularly and make sure that as soon as you see termites or hear them—exterminate a small infested area with beneficial nematodes. All you will need is a spraying bottle, water and nematodes mix well and you’re all set, reapply on portions if needed to see even better results.

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