Free Market Token AMA with Co-founders - Ecryptostore - On the NEM Blockchain

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Hello NEM and Crypto Community, The Free Market Token ICO is based in Australia, Powered by NEM, Which is looking at using Blockchain to bring a multiple purpose token to the masses, the FMT token has many functions including being used on the free market tokens ecryptostore, for VR gaming think "Pokemon Go" , buying Gold and Silver through Ainslie Bullion!

Cryptokoala talks with Nathan Burns, Austin Lewinsmith and we discuss the teams Background, how they both been business partners for 15 years.

With The 3rd co-founder Rafael Bergola having a background in Software.

Highlighting they do not need to outsource as they have the technical, accounting and legal aspects in house.

Including having team members based in Asia and which this gives an entry point for expanison for the project in the future.

How they have been working on the ecryptostore concept prior to the project with the idea of a tokenised Ebay.

Building up to a fully functional ecrypto store that can accept soon the Free Market Token.

Why choose NEM? comparing to Ethereum and how it is a stand out as a robust platform with NEM fully backing the project.

The Free market Token ICO Itself and how you can get involved and get some FMT.

The upcoming Blockconscious event in Brisbane and Much more!!

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