DIM Foundation Releases Its Mobile Wallet for Android OS!

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Below is the description of the application available on Google Play:


The DIMWALLET allows you to send and receive your DIM cryptonized-equities. Store and manage your DIMCOIN, DIM TOKEN, DIM Currencies, XEM and any other NEM based mosaics in one secure place. It’s a 100% open source mobile application, with storage and signing so your key or password is never sent over the internet.

Main Features:

Import wallet with private key or scan your private key QR code
Import wallet from .wlt file (for existing DEPOTWALLET.com and Nanowallet accounts)
Create a new wallet if you don’t already have one
Manage multiple wallets on the same app
Store multiple NEM based mosaics in one wallet
Easily send mosaics with QR code from recipient (No need to type long addresses)
Create a QR code to receive funds from another person (Invoicing)
Store all regular addresses in your address book to easily send funds
View all your past and incoming transactions
Easily share your address via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or other IM apps
Export your wallet file for backup
Two-factor authentication
Bio-metric access to your app
The DIMWALLET is based on the open source NEM wallet (https://github.com/NemProject/NEMAndroidApp). More Information:

Website: https://dimcoin.io

Forum: https://forum.dim.foundation/

Telegram: https://t.me/dimcoin

Disclaimer: The DIMWALLET app is still in development. Although it has been extensively tested, the DIMCOIN team is not responsible for any malfunctions or loss of funds. Use at your own risk!

Additional Information

Version: 1.3.3 Beta

Size: 7.2 MB

Required Android: 6.0+


NEMAndroidApp — NEM Android Wallet Application

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