Is NEM (XEM) a better investment than Ethereum (ETH)?

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I think most people know a thing or two about Ethereum (ETH). With so many cryptocurrencies and ICOs this space is overwhelming. Until yesterday I didn't know much of NEM (XEM), though I had noticed it in the top 10 on coinmarketcap. XEM's current market cap is $1.57 billion, which means quite a few people are interested it. But there isn't as much money in it as Ethereum, which has a market cap of $24.5 billion. XEM officially launched in March of 2015 but was under open alpha testing a year before that. XEM has it's own codebase and a fixed supply of 9 billion. What many people probably don't realize ; if you invested at the beginning of this year then you would have done better to invest in XEM instead of ETH.

January 1st, 2017
$1,000 of XEM @ $.00356 = 280,899 XEM
$1,000 of ETH @ $8.30 = 120.48 ETH

Today July 5th, 2017
280,899 XEM @ $.174 = $48,876
120.48 ETH @ $262 = $31,566

You can see there is quite a difference in gain. Of course both have done quite well for only 6 months! ETH shows a 3157% gain and XEM shows a 4888% gain.

Let's look at their high prices so far this year and what the $1k investment would have yielded then.

May 22 XEM @ $.293 = $82,303
June 12 ETH @ 414.76 = $49,970

I am not a financial advisor and cannot predict the future, but so far this year XEM has been a better investment than ETH.

Here are a couple of other comparisons with Jan 1st price >> Current price >> Value if $1k investment was made on Jan 1st.

BTC $975 >> $2587 >> $2,653
XRP $.006 >> $.26 >> $43,333
DASH $11.20 >> $195 >> $17,410

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I'm also looking at moving my ETH into NEM since the price is so good right now!

time to buy more NEM XEM


I'm going to get some more! Also I want to add STEEM to my list. Since Jan 1st:
STEEM $.17 >> $1.84 >> $10,823

I've looked into this but couldn't find an efficient way to purchase and store it? What exchange and what wallet should I use? Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


@mxu111 @tongokongo has some good videos on getting started with NEM. Poloniex is probably the easiest way of getting xem, EObot allows you to 'cloud/ virtual mine' xem by buying hashing power with various altcoins.
Also if you want a bit more info I've got a NEM playlist on my YouTube channel


Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC38, Changelly and a lot more. They have a desktop wallet, google play store wallet, and apple store wallet all available:

Good stuff, I recently sold all my ETH for XEM. The next few months are going to be big for NEM, at the minute its highly under valued imo.


The key is to have other coins build on top of XEM for it to be successful. Once we start to see that it's valuation will rise for sure :)


True, although I don't believe we should want xem to be the 'same' as ethereum; the majority of tokens/ dapps built on ethereum are rubbish and in my opinion damaging to ethereum the handful of good useful projects.


Well, the projects on Ethereum will weed themselves out of the system. This kind of growing pain is actually positive for the platform in the long run even if we're getting hit badly in the short term... and it's really that kind of popularity that's needed for another platform to breakout and get noticed to stand in the same light as Ethereum. At least I, personally, can't see valuations going through the roof without massive adoption.

Solid Article. Upvoted. NEM has a lot of potential moving forward. Just have to keep an eye on its developments as a platform

Hey dolphins,

I came across to your page from @gamervida's Why Investing in Crypto Platforms is the Way to Go blog and want to also say thanks for the value you add to my stream. Upvoted and followed as a result.

I'm also more interested in investing in the platform technology over the crypto currency, and XEM has been added to my research list after reading this.



Thanks for stopping by! XEM is on sale, like every other coin. I just picked up a few...

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