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Hello Steemians,

I love very much the people, the nature and the photography. And I decided to initiate a new Challenge called MyNegativePhotography.

There are many Challenges. But ..

The Idea

The basic idea of #MyNegativePhotography Challenge is everyone of us to rediscover our surrounding world in another dimension. To see the other side on everything that surrounds us and we see, and share it with all of us to see his point of view.

The modern phones make quality pictures, so everyone can take pictures, whether they're a professional or an amateur photographer. There are a lot of free programs that instantly turn your photo into a negative one.

I invite everyone to this Challenge!


  1. Use only your original photos!
  2. Use the tag #MyNegativePhotography
  3. The title of your post must include MyNegativePhotography

Recommendations (not mandatory)

  1. In your post you can invite your friends, to join the Challenge to increase its popularity.
  2. You can add original picture and descriptive text to the picture for better understanding.
  3. The photos can be edit with program, add effects, and so on.
  4. You can use in addition this sub tags:



I appreciate your support! Thank you!

Let's start shooting, posting and having fun!


You may want to remove the "introducemyself" tag here, lest you be flagged for tag spam. Perhaps replace it with "contest" or "challenge"? And do you plan to offer some kind of prize, or just promote a new idea for community involvement?

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