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Hello my Steemian #needleworkmonday friends!

Good to be back on Monday with a little needlework project to report :-)

Since I finished my last project (a crochet dress in Irish crochet technique) I have quite a bit of yarn left over.

The yarn that I used for that crochet project was really an embroidery yarn, which means it's time to remember my other favourite hobby - embroidery.

I decided to make two embroidered hearts and hang them on one of the doorknobs in the house as I feel that that particular corner could do with an artistic touch :)

20190610_081032 (2).jpg

So late last night I completed heart #1 (oh what a bliss to be able to complete a project in a few days, not years!!!!)

I chose a simple, very pale pink felt fabric. That's the colour I wanted to use and found a small size square piece in my local crafts shop.

I quickly drew heart shapes and the floral design on the fabric and started working.


To create the roses, I used a bullion stitch, they are called 'bullion knot roses', if you want to look them up online.

Here's a tutorial for bullion stitch:

I've never worked with bullion stitch before so I learned it from a few tutorial videos online. (I just love how I can learn almost anything online!)

The stitches I used for the branches and leaves are the simplest ones I could remember from those days when I used to embroider.


It's funny, I haven't done any embroidery work for years and years and yet it felt so natural to create something from scratch - I'd say it's a bit like riding a bicycle, you never really forget :-)

So heart #1 completed, now I'll start working on heart #2 - two hearts are better than one! :DDD

20190610_080809 (2).jpg

Get a hobby, enjoy your life!


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wow !!!! wonderful !!!! I love it very much !!!! I like the way you chose the drawing and placed it on the heart - very gently. I will wait for a second heart !!! the ability to make a house unique and cozy is a great art!

Many many thanks @tali72 !!! Yes, I also admire beautiful and cozy homes :D
it's so true what you say - creating such a home is an art form in itself.

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Very elegant looking. When I saw this, I thought these would also make great lavender(or the like) sachets. Very cozy looking. I haven't a single doorknob in my home. I never really thought about that until now. Haha!

Thank you @akiroq !
Funny how certain things, like 'no doorknobs', aren't obvious until they're pointed out :DDD

I also thought about fragrant lavender sachets, but that would mean choosing different fabric for the heart, I think linen or cotton would work better than felt.

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I agree, any herb would probably work its way through the felt eventually. I made pillow sachets out of muslin (filled with herbs). That seemed to work nicely. But mine were just boring squares. I never thought to make hearts. Next time I will make hearts. :)

I suppose any shape can look lovely if you add some design elements, such as a lace edge, or embroidered flower. :-)

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I also thought something like lavender inside :) And I thought about making one for our bedroom. I take your advice to use different fabric. Ja but your embroidery roses fits perfect to the pastel pink felt! Great job as always, @vliet!

Many thanks @akipponn ! Yea, a lavender scented heart sounds like a great idea!

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Loved the piece and totally took me back to a similar heart my Irish grandmother had in her spare room.

Thanks for sharing your work and taking me down memory lane.

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Funny how simple designs can be so universal - suitable in the past and present, in Ireland or anywhere else...

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from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @vibesforlife.

Many thanks for the cake @helpiecake and for curation @vibesforlife !!!

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Lovely delicate idea, love the colours!

Many thanks @shanibeer !

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That is a pretty piece of embroidery! The color and roses make it very timeless.

Thanks @jamethiel ! I think that colour combination and roses give that timeless feel.

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Beautifully done roses!

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So so pretty @vliet!! Your embroidery is so neat and cute!! Oo and you can drop a few drops of essential oil and aromathize the room too! And yes I agree, I love it too that we can learn almost anything online :)

Thank you @marblely !

I was also thinking the heart could be used for a bit of aromatherapy :-)

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It’s simply beautiful! It does have a timeless feel to it. Your embroidery is very intricate and pretty. That soft pink blends so well with the embroidery threads.

I bet it felt great completing this project in a few days :)

Love your photography as always ~

Many thanks @crosheille !!!
Oh yes, completing the heart so quickly felt like a miracle ;-)))

I've always admired that pale pink and green combination, so am very happy I can make a few decor elements for the house :-D

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You’re so welcome! What fun it is to decorate your home with your own skills ;)

This worked out so well. You know my love of all things pink and so, in my view you have chosen the perfect colors for your project. You seem to have a big reservoir of patience as I would have gone crazy about this tiny stitches, especially the bullion stitch. I have never tried it, but read that it is one of the toughest/difficult stitches to do.
I love your romantic heart <3

Thank you so much @neumannsalva !!! Yea, I also love pink :-))) so many beautiful shades! The colours actually 'were chosen for me' by my previous project - I worked with leftover yarn.

You know, after that crochet dress, this project seemed like a total breeze, I couldn't believe how quickly I finished it! And as for bullion stitch, it's really not that complicated, it's just a matter of understanding how it's done :-)

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