Needlework Monday – The first backpack

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Hi, my Steemit colleagues on hobby !!!

  Today is the #NeedleworkMonday!!! I want to share with you my little joy!


  It all began with the fact that my husband bought a new pair of shoes. This bag was attached to it:



  My husband invited me to knit a backpack and use this bag as the inside. But I have never knitted backpacks and bags. I decided to try it. I chose this picture:




pattern diagram

  I knitted the backpack in parts. The bottom and straps of the backpack I crocheted.





  I, as usual, made mistakes in the calculation and knitting, but I like the result :)



  The backpack turned out cheerful and bright with a gay kitten. He cheers me up.



  For me it was a big surprise that on the street strangers say that they really liked my backpack. This is a great compliment for me! :)


I wish you creative inspiration and look forward to your work !!!


#NeedleworkMonday by @crosheille

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Вот это ты молодец!!!!!! Сама связала!!!


нитки подбросили. есть из чего :)


стараюсь! :)

Tala I LOVE your bag pack!! You did so well mixing knitting with crochet and I love the color combos. You did so well knitting that cute cat on there! This is a very lovely creation and you should be very proud of your accomplishment!

Also Congratulations on the curie vote!! Whooo Hooo!! 😃😃😃🎉


Thanks a lot, darling! I really appreciate your opinion !!!!!! I did not believe that I would get this project so I'm a little proud of this backpack :)


You are very welcome! 😊

Oh Wow! I love it! I thought of making a backpack but I knew it would be too stretchy. Using the liner was the best idea. And it's so cute with the cat pattern and the colours you used.


thanks, anise! I'm glad that you like my backpack with a kitten! I'm glad that my husband gave me such an idea to use a bag of shoes as a lining. I would not have such an idea

That's a lovely and bright backpack @tali72 😍
I particularly like that you combined knitting and crocheting.


Thank you! I am pleased to!

Great project Idea!
It turned out wonderful!
I like the design around the bag inside.



I love, love this! It is so pretty, colorful, and creative! And I so think your husband had a great idea to use that bag for the inside. Perfect re-use and re-cycle :-)


I'm very very pleased, icybc, that you like my backpack with a kitten! Thank you!

Who wouldn't love such a cheerful looking bag pack. I did a double check to see if I could pick out the mistake you said you made but nope, all I see is coolness. Such interesting turn of events, your husband gets new shoes and you get a pretty looking bag pack🙂


hee hee it for sure! Thank you!!! I'm very pleased that you liked the backpack

This is so unique and clever. Nice! You've done a great job with the colours/different types of stitching and then the overall construction of the bag. It looks really professional. Using the original bag as the lining is a great idea. Your bag will retain its shape for much longer I'd imagine.


Thank you so much! I doubted that I would get something

I love it! You did a great job!!


Thank you!!!!!!

That is an amazing idea for upcycling one of those shoe bags. I never know what to do with them and end up donating them. That kitten pattern is so cute, you can't help but smile at the way it's peeking at you :)


you're right!!!! this kitten cheers me up :)

Wow! It is very nice! Congratulations Tali!


Thank you, Maru!!!!!!

So cute! This was a great way to use that bag and make a neat project. Love the cat!


Thank you!!!!!! I am pleased to

How cool is this, you knitted a cat! I only once tried to knit with colorwork (simple flecks) and I find it very hard to hold both yarns and to have good tension with the floats on the wrong side. So again: wow!
And the mixture of crochet and knitting works very well, especially because the crochet will be sturdier than the knitting and the backpack will last very long.
Wonderfull idea <3 and resteemed


Thank you! I'm very glad that you liked the kitten on the backpack. I too for a long time already did not knit a multi-colored pattern and certainly a little bit has too tightened a string in some places. I was reassured that the backpack does not require a strict form like a bag

Hi @tali72, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Fiber Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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А я пропустила такую красоту (:
Ты прекрасно связала. Просто восхищена и котёнок - загляденье. И очень тебе он идет. Оригинально и стильно. Умница. И вязка красивая и цвета подобрала со вкусом.
Носи на здоровье! @tali72


спасибо, дорогая! если не считать всегдашних моих ошибок при вязании и расчете, мне рюкзачек очень нравится. одна проблема: брать его смогу только в прохладное время года. летом вязанные вещи носить невозможно :(