Video Tutorial: Thermal Double Crochet

in #needleworkmonday4 years ago


When learning something new, one simple way to test if you understood the lesson is if you can explain it in your own words.

That has always been my basis of weighing my level of understanding the subject whenever I am studying something complicated. If I can't explain it in english, I try to explain it in tagalog. But if I feel it's a bit too wordy, I show how I worked it. Like the thermal double crochet. And since I am trying to revive my youtube channel, why not make a video tutorial?

I'm sharing my video tutorial for Thermal Double Crochet. I plan on sharing more and more videos especially dedicated for lefties like me.

As a left handed crocheter, it has somehow become automatic for my brin to translate a righthanded video tutorial into a lefthanded version. But even so, I still sometimes get confused. I thought finding a youtube channel solely catering to leftie crocheters would be very helpful. You know what they say, be the person you need the most when you were struggling.

This is for all the lefties out there!

Theremal Double Crochet Tutorial by The Leftie Crocheter

Have fun! Stay indoors. And get hooked with crocheting! :)

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