Needleworkmonday: A Ribbed Hat And A Cat

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This is my first entry for #needleworkmonday. It is a ribbed toque/hat I crocheted with the dark green and white colors of Hubby’s favourite football team.

I never learned to knit although my mother tried to teach me when I was young. she was always knitting sweaters and socks. Later in life a friend was crocheting and showed me how she did it. I picked it up easily doing a few Afghan blankets and dishcloths at first.

Like everything else, I put it aside and started on other projects. The computer takes up a lot of time! I picked up the crochet hook up again when the Dorian storm took out the power for a couple days. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit quietly and crochet. Apparently good for the blood pressure too.

The finished toque-


It’s a simple straightforward method using medium weight worsted yarn. I used the single crochet stitch (sc) for the toque but it can be done faster and looks just as nice being crocheted with the half double crochet (hdc) stitch.

How I made the toque:

The measurement for the head is necessary. I measured around Hubby’s head when I made a previous toque and it was 23 inches by measuring around the head by the top of the ears.

I used a 4.00 mm hook but a larger hook of 5 or 5.50 could be used. 4 and 4.50 mm are my favourite size hooks to crochet with. I don’t like the work to be too loose.

  • Chain 40 stitches. Although 35 chains would have been plenty, I used 40 chains to have a good brim to fold back on the toque.

  • Turn and start single crocheting (sc) in second chain from end all the way across.

  • After the foundation row is finished, Chain one, Turn and then sc in back loops only of each stitch-this will give the ribbed look.

  • Sc back and forth in the back loops until work reaches about 21 inches.
    Note: I didn’t want to make the hat to the exact size of his head as the yarn will stretch.

  • I added the white in two strips only. It’s a matter of choice whether to alternate the white strip all around but I thought two were enough to pick up the white color.


Measuring the work. Basically i am crocheting a rectangle.


Once I had the necessary length, I folded the work in two with the strips facing downward. The sides can be slip stitches together or sewed up with the yarn needle. I prefer to use the crochet hook and slip stitch the sides together.

Now the work is in a tube shape, secure the end leaving a foot of yarn for closing the top with a yarn needle. In closing the top go in and about the stitches on the top and gather them together. This gathering will close any hole at the top.

Make sure to secure the ends and weave in any left hanging.

Roll up the brim and add a Pom-Pom on the top if you like. I didn’t put a Pom-Pom on as it may not be to Hubby’s taste.

Sunday Cat is always sitting on my lap while I crocheted the toque and is checking out the work.


I can’t tell if Sunday is satisfied with the crocheting or just doesn’t give a darn. :)






Being able to create your own clothes is such an amazing talent! My mom crochets and it is incredible to watch her work.

Thanks @freedomtowrite. It’s a good skill to have and relaxing. If you are interested you would have a good teacher in your mother. 😊

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@redheadpei I use to love to do both crochet and knitting, I have not done any for many years and doubt my hands would let me do it, Nice work with the hat, I am sure your hubs will love it.

@myjob, I got back into crocheting when the power was out when Dorian storm blew through this area. With no electricity I fell back on old activities. It was a nice change from being on the computer.

@redheadpei the old ways are always nice to do, too much computer nothing gets done.

I love that hat - such an easy pattern! I have lots of projects on the go, and I've been meaning to participate, but, oh... I don't know where the days go. @redheadpei I don't think Sunday gives a darn either. It's all about the lap.... ;)

Thanks @fionafavourites! It’s hard to go wrong with that pattern.

I know what you mean about the days going by so quickly.

It’s a bit difficult to crochet with the cat on my lap but it can be done. 😂

It must be done! 😹

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Thanks so much @miti. Appreciated!

My pleasure, @redheadpei!

Feel warm just by looking at it. In the future, when I am free when the kids are adults, i want to learn knitting too =)

Thanks @iamjardine! It’s fun to learn and you can make homemade gifts with your knitting or crocheting.

Nice color choices! The hat turned out great!
Like you, I also found my liking to needlework because I found that it calms me down. I have found myself knitting right before doing something that made me anxious. It's my only relaxing technique at the moment.

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Thanks @purlisland! It does have a calming effect. i liken it to saying the rosary when I’m counting stitches - it puts one in kind of a meditative mood.😊

Very nice work.
That cat reacted passively to the wool.
If I was a cat, you would have no more hat.

Thanks! Haha @abitcoinskeptic. Sunday likes to play with the hooks and the wool if I leave anything on the table. I made him a couple balls to play with - from the wool and one from the cotton yarn.

Oh smart. Bribe him.

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Beautiful work! I've not crocheted or cross stitched in ages due to my stupid shoulder. (bursitis/tendinitis)

Hi Deb! I’m pleased you like the work. Hope your shoulder improves. 💕

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Thanks @c-squared. Most appreciated! 😊

Nice! It's really getting into the sort of weather where this would be super useful!

Thanks Bengy! The weather is getting colder these November windy days and the toque is really warm.

Well done! I would wear this)

I would put a nice fluffy pom-Pom on it for you. 😊 💞

Hey @redheadpei! It’s so nice to see you posting for #NeedleWorkMonday, welcome :D

I’m not sure how often you will be posting and I know you’re not new to Steemit but I wanted to give you a brief as I do for everyone on their first #NeedleWorkMonday post. Every Monday us needlers get together to share our work, patterns, tips and shortcuts. We support one another in our efforts as we inspire the Steemit blockchain.

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. We encourage everyone to share the process of their work with photos as you have above :) We love seeing a project come to life so no need to wait until it’s finished to post, share it anytime you like.

I love the colors of the hat. I love how the white lines stand out on top of that deep green. I also like that you made a rectangle first which would be great for someone learning how to crochet to do. It’s a really nice and simple method of making a hat.

Thanks so much for sharing! For more information on what we do and for our posting guidelines please visit our FAQs!

Thanks @crochelle for your lovely comments. 😊 Nice to reconnect again since the steam engine days.

@muscara mentioned the needleworkmonday after I had posted about another crocheted toque.

I’m happy you liked the hat and how easy it is to make. It will be warm for the upcoming winter.

I hope to continue adding to the needlework and will check out the FAQS. 💕

Wonderful hat and also wonderful to have you here at #needleworkmonday I looooove the dark green you used for the hat. And I also find crochet relaxing. Sadly I cannot look away from the hook, or I would read and crochet at the same time :-DDD

Thanks and for the warm welcome, @newmannsalva. I often crochet while the tv is on. I can follow the story or news and glance up once in awhile. 😊

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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thanks so much @steemitbloggers. I’m pleased to be a member of PHC. 💕