Stephen Colbert tries to knit!

in #needleworkmonday5 years ago

My sister-in-law is a master knitter; knitting beautifully, designing patterns and teaching. Plus, she is just a beautiful person. Yesterday she sent me the link to this video, which combines knitting with the humor of Stephen Colbert - what's not to love!

The article below talks about how Krysten Ritter got into knitting as an adult, after having learned as a child. The kit she is promoting in this article is crazy expensive, but she is delightful. Now I'm curious about other celebrity knitters!


This is too cute, @redbone. Thanks for sharing it. Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you, my dear!

Happy to you as well! I like seeing knitting, or any hand craft, taken up by young, hip people. thanks for the comment and vote :)

This is pretty neat to see! I’m sure seeing celebrity knitters will inspire others and maybe even push them to want to learn. Thanks for sharing the video and link!

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