NICU hats on Needlework Monday!

in #needleworkmonday5 years ago

Well, the last Monday is January is here, so time to check in on NICU warmth challenge. I have completed 3 knitted hats, with 1 more almost done.

The hat farthest back was an experiment, styled after a hat I saw on a relative. In hindsight, I should have knit another 12 or so rows. But, babies have different shaped and sized heads, so hopefully it will keep some little one warm.


This unfinished hat was another experiment. The pattern was the same as the white hat, a stitch pattern heart. I took this opportunity to try doing the hearts in a contrasting color, in a fair isle manner. I also practiced my two-handed knitting technique. Yikes! I knit continental style, so my right hand had no idea what it was doing, holding yarn. It did get a tiny bit easier by the time I finished the hearts. Here is the back side, left a few of the floats a little long...

I plan to keep on knitting hats and drop them off each time I travel to the nearest NICU, which is 75 miles away. Thank you Crosheille, for the challenge!


These are very nice and for a great cause! I like all 3 of them and look forward to seeing you post the last one!

Thanks for the vote and comment. It is a good cause, also fun to do a somewhat quicker project.

You did a fantastic job on your hats @redbone!! I love the style and color of these little knitted cuties! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and getting your hats done. It’s great to hear you plan on making more! It’s even greater to hear this won’t be the last time you donate to a NICU!!! ☺️🤗 Oh and the hearts are just adorable!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks! some of the hearts are a little wonky, but I'm still kind of a novice at color work, other than stripes or big areas of color. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

You’re absolutely welcome! We can all only get better with more time and practice but even so now your work looks really good~ 😉

So pretty! Isn’t it funny how our “experiments” sometimes turn out to be our best work? Excellent job!

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